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Robust evidence is vital in informing the development of strategy and policy that will improve outcomes for learners and the system as a whole. We develop and disseminate robust evidence on the impact of ICT on education.

Current research

The evidence teams in Becta's Strategy and Policy directorate lead, co-ordinate and analyse evidence and data on all aspects of technology in education.

We work with the research community to:

  • measure the impact of technology on stakeholders
  • assess progress in adoption and use
  • build evidence on the realisation of benefits
  • provide analysis to support policy
  • provide research and analysis to support future policy direction

The two links below list the projects by years.

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The Computers for Pupils Evaluation
Year published - 2010
The CfP was a targeted programme that provided funding through schools for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils ...

Managed research 2008/9
In April 2008, Becta launched a major research programme to support the Harnessing Technology strategy. ...

Managed research 2007/8
Evidence and data on all aspects of technology in education. ...