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Becta's Schools website offers advice and guidance to school leadership teams on how technology can be built into teaching, learning and management.

Getting more for your money

Extending opportunities

In today's environment learning needs to extend out of the classroom and into the home environment and local community, to provide a personalised learning experience.


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Make the best use of your learning platform

Does your school have access to a learning platform, but you are not sure how to best make use of it?

Assistive technology and the Home Access programme

Home Access packages are designed to be inclusive and are built with every child’s needs in mind.

Home Access aggregation opportunity for schools

Get an overview of the Home Access aggregation opportunity, which will soon be available to schools and academies, and find out how to apply.


Recent publications

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Engaging families

13 January 2010

"The idea is to empower parents to be proactive and provide the basis for meaningful dialogue to take place between school parent and pupil which will hopefully lead to raised attainment/attendance etc."

Posted 25 February in the Parental engagement community.

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