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The DfE is conducting a review of the primary and secondary National Curriculum.
This site contains the statutory programmes of study for National Curriculum subjects which maintained schools must follow until a new curriculum is in place.

User guide

Each exemplification of standards file is illustrated by students' work and teachers' notes published as video, audio, PDF or image files.

These pieces of evidence are shown in a carousel for you to browse easily through them. The carousel shows up to four pieces of evidence at one time. Where more than four pieces of evidence are available, use the side arrow buttons to move through the assets.

To use the carousel you must have Flash installed. If you don't have access to Adobe Flash Player, you can install Flash for free from the Adobe website.

Viewing films and audio clips

Films and audio clips are automatically displayed in the viewer. These are large files and so they can't be downloaded from the website.

Select the viewer to reveal a toolbar with controls for adjusting the volume and playing the clip in full screen mode.

As the clips have been recorded by teachers and students, the quality may vary.

Viewing documents

Documents are published as PDF files. You can download the complete document by selecting the PDF icon. Alternatively, use the viewer to move through the document page by page. The toolbar allows you to zoom in and out, and to see the document in full screen mode.

Viewing image files

Images are published as JPG or PNG files. Some images contain a lot of detail. These are best viewed by selecting the image icon to download the file, and then selecting the 'expand to regular size' icon.

Using the assessment commentary

Each standards file comes with an assessment commentary which provides information on each piece of evidence. The commentary is always available below the carousel. You can also view it alongside the carousel by selecting 'Show assessment commentary'. 

Printing files

These materials are designed to be used on screen. You can also print the commentary and any images by printing the web page. You'll need to print PDF documents off individually.  

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