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The DfE is conducting a review of the primary and secondary National Curriculum.
This site contains the statutory programmes of study for National Curriculum subjects which maintained schools must follow until a new curriculum is in place.


Assessment is at the heart of a successful curriculum and is a fundamental part of good teaching and learning. It enables learners to recognise achievement and make progress, and teachers to shape and adapt their teaching to individual needs and aspirations. Effective assessment enables learners to make smooth progress throughout their time at school.

This section looks at new ways of thinking about and organising assessment to ensure it has a positive impact on teaching and learning and pupils' progress.

Four principles that underpin effective assessment.

Whole-school approaches to assessment.

A structured approach to teacher assessment that aims to put the learner at the heart of the assessment process.

Examples of pupils' work demonstrating national standards across foundation subjects at key stage 3, levels 3 to 8.

Active Shakespeare: Capturing evidence of learning

QCDA has worked with Globe Education and the Royal Shakespeare Company to develop materials to support the teaching and assessment of Shakespeare at Key Stage 3.

Level descriptions

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