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The DfE is conducting a review of the primary and secondary National Curriculum.
This site contains the statutory programmes of study for National Curriculum subjects which maintained schools must follow until a new curriculum is in place.

General teaching requirements

A number of general requirements which apply across the curriculum are outlined in this section.

Non-statutory materials previously published in this section can now be found on the UK government web archive. More information on the restructuring of the website is available in the FAQs section of this website.

Statement setting out the inclusion principles schools must follow.

Requirements for pupils to apply and develop their ICT capability.

Writing, speaking, listening and reading requirements for key stages 3 and 4.

Requirements for science, design and technology, ICT, art and design, and PE.

Promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development across the National Curriculum.

Statutory subject teaching requirements for key stages 3 and 4.

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