How are You?

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  • How Are You?
    22 August 2008 - 10:08

    Oh my goodness, please God, don't let this be me in a couple of years time. How perfectly written and performed. This piece went straight to the heart and I found tears trickling down my face by the end. I'm an NQT and will begin to teach my first class in 12 days time, but far from making me quake in my boots, seeing this has reaffirmed my determination to make sure I don't lose myself in the black hole that is the teaching profession. We owe it to our families and loved ones, as well as ourselves to make sure there is something left over at the end of a week. Surely this makes us better teachers anyway? I know I speak from a position of supreme niaivety and perhaps with the arrogance of the inexperienced, and I have a nagging sense that this is a selfish attitiude, that the children deserve everything I can give them, which of course they do. But what use is a burnt out teacher to anyone?