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Welcome to Teachers TV


Information on how to use Teachers TV's online groups, how to comment on a video as well as details on our Associates scheme.


To get help in using any aspect of the Teachers TV website, or to find solutions to problems you might be experiencing, see our Frequently Asked Questions section.


What does it mean? Use our useful list that explains all those education terms and acronyms.

Online tools

From how to use Teachers TV RSS feeds to sharing your favourite videos with others, find out all you need to know about how you can use Teachers TV online.

Search and find

Tips on how to find content relevant to your interests, as well as video recommendations that we think you'll like.

Contact us

If you'd like to get in touch with us, or your question isn't answered elsewhere, use this form to contact us.

Get involved

Read about our shared player, how to submit programme ideas and how to link to the Teachers TV website. Everyone's welcome!

My Teachers TV

Use My Teachers TV to keep track of your activity on the site and link through to your favourite areas quickly and easily.

Register and log in

Find out how our registration process works, and learn about the benefits you get by logging in to the Teachers TV website - including video suggestions tailored to your interests.

Videos and extra

Find out how to play, comment on, download and edit our videos. Also, see how to view and download supporting materials which accompany our videos.