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These guidelines are to help you and others understand what is acceptable behaviour within our community areas and other areas where you are invited to make contributions to this website. Do not forget that any contribution or use of www.teachers.tv is subject to our Terms of Use

Community guidelines

These guidelines are to help all our users understand what is acceptable within our community areas and how contributions can be made. Please remember that all contributions and use of Teachers TV site are subject to our Terms of Use.


  • Respect the copyright of others. Don't upload or post any content that you haven't created yourself unless you have permission from the owner. Remember copyright can exist in a wide range of works including essays, poems, paintings, plays, dance, photographs, music, films and websites
  • Respect privacy. Don't film or record anybody without getting their consent first. In the case of children, this means getting consent from their parents or guardians before filming or recording. Don't reveal any personal information about others


  • Cause offence. Think before you upload or post. Don't upload or post material that is likely to provoke or offend others. Don't swear. Don't be racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, threatening, menacing or otherwise objectionable in your posts. Don't upload or post anything that may be defamatory
  • Upload content which is not suitable for Teachers TV. If you've seen the website, or watched the channel, it should be obvious what type of material is suitable, and what isn't. But just to be clear: don't upload or post material that is obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexually explicit, seditious, blasphemous or irrelevant
  • Promote. The website is not here for you to advertise or promote your own goods or services or those of other people. This includes the use of "spam" email. However, you should feel free to recommend useful resources to other users, if you have no commercial connection to them
  • Harass. You wouldn't want it done to you, so please don't do it to others. If people don't want to interact with you, leave them alone. Do not impersonate someone else, or try to mislead others as to your identity
  • Share your personal contact details in your public posts. You can send emails to other users through the Teachers TV site by clicking on their username and selecting the email option on their profile. This will keep your personal details safe


  • Be aware of what can happen to your content once you upload it. It may be viewed, downloaded or copied. It may subsequently be transmitted anywhere in the world and there won't be any way to monitor this. Even if you subsequently withdraw your contribution, it may still be accessible via other internet sites or by other means
  • Be safe. Do not give out any personal details. Do not endanger yourself or others, or take unnecessary risks in order to produce or make any material to be uploaded or posted on the website

Reporting breaches of the Terms of Use

If you believe that any material, or a user, is in breach of the Terms of use (for example breaching your copyright or being offensive) then please use the Report feature that you can see with each user-generated piece of content.