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What is enhanced video?

Enhanced video lets you access support materials and extra video directly from the video player - making it easier for you to look at resources as they are mentioned in a programme.

Using enhanced video

You can watch enhanced video in the same way as standard videos. Simply click on the play button and use the video player controls as usual.

As you watch the video, the name of support materials or extra video will appear at the bottom of the video as it is mentioned. To continue watching the main video, you do not need to do anything. To pause the main video and either download a resource or watch an extra video, click on the relevant name in the purple tab at the bottom of the player.

Extra video

Extra videos begin playing as soon as they open. Use the video player controls to play, pause, fast-forward or rewind the extra video. Once you have finished watching the extra video, click the close button in the top right corner to return to the main video.

Support materials

For support materials, such as Word documents or PDFs, clicking on the name of the resource will pause the main video and open a screen giving you two options. To view the resource, select download, or to return to the main video, select cancel.

Can I watch the extra video or download the resources later?

Yes, all resources are listed on the video page under support materials, where you can download them.

To watch extra video, begin playing the main video and click on the purple tab with the name of the extra video to start watching it immediately.

Where can I find enhanced video?

You can identify enhanced video by the purple tabs on the video's timeline. These become visible when a video is playing.

Can I download enhanced video?

Enhanced video only works when streamed from our website. However, you can still download the full video, without the embedded support materials, to your own computer. Any resources attached to a video are also listed on the video's page for you to download separately.