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About Teachers TV

Through engaging videos, practical resources and an active online community, Teachers TV is a channel and website which supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field.

  • Instant access to up to date professional development videos and resources
  • Learn from other education professionals by going inside their classrooms and into their schools
  • Save time with practical tips, lesson ideas and classroom resources
  • Help across the year to meet classroom targets and achieve personal goals
  • Keep informed with content covering the latest developments in the education agenda

In addition to the website, Teachers TV programmes are available on the TV Channel on Sky 880, Virgin Media 240 and Freesat 650 and, most recently, through iTunesU.

The companies behind Teachers TV

Teachers TV is funded by the Department for Education and is run by Education Digital, an independent media consortium.

Education Digital is split into the following two companies:

  • Education Digital Management Ltd (EDML) EDML has control of all editorial, programming and channel management issues relating to Teachers TV UK Registration No. 4934528
  • Education Digital 2 Ltd (ED2L) ED2L provides the financial and administrative back-up to EDML UK Registration No. 6329357

Although Teachers TV is funded by the Department for Education, it is editorially independent of government. This is a requirement of the 2003 Communications Act and Ofcom, the regulator for the UK communications industries.

To ensure the website remains editorially independent and is also accountable for the public money it receives, a governance process has been established, managed by the Teachers TV Board of Governors.

About the Teachers TV website

Above and beyond watching Teachers TV videos online, our website has support materials accompanying each video, ranging from lesson plans and worksheets to weblinks, as well as hosting an active online community. The website and all the videos and materials on it are free to use.

You can watch Teachers TV videos in full screen mode, comment on their content, bookmark your favourite videos, see your recently viewed videos, and even download and edit videos to use in the classroom or staff meetings. You can also join our groups `and make comments on our videos, connecting and sharing with others in your field.

Watching the TV channel

Teachers TV is a free-to-air TV channel and is available on Sky, Virgin and Freesat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can find us on the following channels:

  • Sky Guide 880
  • Virgin TV 240
  • Freesat 650

Video on demand (VOD)

Video on Demand (VOD) allows you to watch videos at a time to suit you. The major functions of VOD allow you to:

  • Watch a video at any time
  • Pause, fast forward or rewind a video
  • Watch a video as often as you want (this may be restricted depending on the type of content)

Teachers TV offers a wide selection of its most popular programming through Virgin Media within their More TV section. This is available free to all subscribers. From the Virgin Media homepage, select TV Guide - More On Demand - Lifestyle - Teachers TV. Once on the Teachers TV page, select the programme category you want.

Getting digital TV

Information on how to get digital TV is available on the Digital UK website.

Finding videos on the site

You can find videos on our website in a number of ways.

  • Use search at the top left of the screen, entering keywords to find content relevant to you
  • Use the top and left navigation menus to browse the subject area, role, stage or theme you are interested in. You can select a category directly from the menu, or click on one of the all > buttons to see more options. Once you're within the area you want, you can also search just within that section using the Search in box.

Editing Teachers TV videos

Videos that are covered by the creative archive licence can be edited after you have downloaded them. This is done using free and easy to use software, full instructions can be found at edit videos.

Downloading videos from the site

Downloading a video is easy. Find a programme that is of interest to you and go to its page. You can play the video on that page, or, if you are logged in, download it by clicking on the download button.

Downloading means you can watch and play videos later, whether you are connected to the internet or not. You will also be able to edit videos.

Videos not available to watch online

The vast majority of our videos are available to watch online. But in some instances we may not have rights to broadcast online, because of restrictions from the distributor. This means you will not be able to view that video online.

If we do not have online rights for a video, this information will be clearly displayed on the video page.

Problems playing videos

If you are having trouble playing a video, your internet connection could be faulty, or there could be a problem at our end.

A quick way to establish where the fault lies is to try to access similar video service.

If you can access other video sites without issue and believe the problem lies with Teachers TV, please contact us and will we will be happy to try and rectify the problem.

If you are unable to access video content from either our site or others, it may be that:

  • There is a fault with your computer
  • There is a fault with your internet connection
  • Your computer is protected by a firewall

In all cases, we advise that you check with your system administrators, or refer to your computer manual. You should also refer to the following links for further information:

Please note that on some slower machines, scrolling the page rapidly up and down while a video is playing may cause the video window to behave erratically or to stop playing entirely. This is a known issue relating to Windows Media Player.

Still having problems? Please contact us for further advice.

What are channels?

Online channels let you use your computer just like your TV. Each channel is programmed to match specific interests, whether that is great ideas for primary lessons, or our latest videos on SEN.

Simply click on the channel you want to watch and the first video will begin playing on your computer in full screen.

Read more information on channels.

What is enhanced video?

Enhanced video lets you access support materials and extra video directly from the video player - making it easier for you to look at resources when they are mentioned in a programme.

Read more about enhanced video.

Using the site without registering

You can watch videos online and read programme information without registering. But if you register with us you can make the most of the website, download videos, join groups and post comments, to get more involved with Teachers TV.

Once you're registered, we will be able to provide you with content linked to your interests each time you log in, so you can get the most out of the site.

Reset your password

If you've forgotten your password, go to the request new password page, provide us with either your username or email address and we'll send you a link to access your profile in a matter of minutes. You'll then be free to reset your password to something that is easy to remember.

If you're still having problems, please contact us for help.

Problems staying logged in

If you are being logged out when you navigate around the site, you could be experiencing either a cookie or a caching problem. Please check that you have enabled cookies in your browser, and clear your temporary internet files to ensure the problem is not related to your cache. Please contact us if the problem persists.

More information on cookies

More information on caching

Being told you're outside the UK

Due to various licensing agreements, a small number of videos cannot be viewed or downloaded by users outside the UK. We determine whether you are based in the UK or not through your IP address. This is designated to you by your internet service provider (ISP) each time you go online.

Unfortunately, IP addresses are not 100 per cent accurate and, occasionally, a user in the UK may be given an overseas IP address and will therefore not be able to download all videos.

You can try to resolve this problem in three ways:

  • Log in to the Teachers TV website if you are not already logged in. This will help the website determine whether you are a UK user
  • Disconnect and reconnect to the internet to get a new IP address
  • Use a different ISP to connect to the internet to get a new IP address

RSS feeds

The Teachers TV RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed allows you easily stay informed with content that you are interested in as it is updated on the site. By subscribing to a feed, you will receive the relevant programme information as soon as it becomes available.

In addition to RSS feeds, Teachers TV offers its weekly news programme via podcast, allowing you to get the latest education news delivered directly to your desktop. Read more information on RSS and Podcasts

Explaining acronyms

The educational world is littered with acronyms. That's why we've created a glossary to help you quickly translate anything you don't understand. Either check the glossary to see a full list of educational acronyms, or hover your cursor over an acronym on the site to reveal the full name.

Extra materials and Related links

Extra materials and Related links are downloadable documents or weblinks which support the content of the video on the page they appear on. You will see them below the video player.

They range from lesson plans for users to download and keep, to links to other online teaching resources or information sites.

Using groups

Groups are part of the online Teachers TV community, where you can have your say, discuss common interests, share problems and ideas, and upload your own documents and videos.

You can find out how to join groups,and how to post a comment in or upload content to a group, in our about groups help section.

My viewing log

The viewing log allows you to make videos you watch count towards your Continuing Professional Development. Watch videos, record your initial thoughts, return to update your notes when you've tried implementing ideas in the classroom, and download and print a record of how you have used videos as part of your CPD.

Getting involved with Teachers TV

Get the most out of Teachers TV by becoming an Associate. Watch sneak previews, exchange views with your peers, get involved with our programmes and join us at special events. More information on becoming an Associate.

Linking to Teachers TV

Yes, we encourage organisations and individuals to link to our homepage and individual pages within our website. See our link to us page for more information.