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Shared player

With the Teachers TV Player you can feature a mini channel of Teachers TV videos on your website, tailored specifically to the needs of your audience.

Showing a collection of carefully selected videos, the player can support your organisational aims and priorities, provide your users with information on the latest educational issues, or simply share some of your favourite Teachers TV programmes.

There is no limit to the number of players you can feature. You could have lots of different players enhancing different areas of your site, or just a single one supporting your overall objectives.

We can recommend videos for you, or you can choose your own. Once the programmes are selected, they will be put into a player, and you'll receive some simple code to copy and paste onto your site. The player will feature like a mini channel on any page or area of your website. Each player can carry anything from one to 100 programmes.

For more information, simply contact ttvplayer@teachers.tv

Download further information on the Teachers TV Shared Player.

Link to us

If you'd like to see Teachers TV grow, help spread the word by linking to us from your site. Linking is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. select a graphic from the options below, and highlight the code beneath it
  2. copy the code
  3. open your page with any text editor
  4. paste the code into your page and save

These graphic links will all take your users to the Teachers TV homepage. Links must adhere to the guidelines for links outlined below.

Teachers TV logo <a href="http://www.teachers.tv">
 <img src="http://www.teachers.tv/files/TTV_Logo.jpg" alt="teachers.tv" height="100px" />
Teachers TV logo <a href="http://www.teachers.tv">
 <img src="http://www.teachers.tv/files/Web_button_153x50.jpg" alt="Teachers TV logo" />
Teachers TV logo <a href="http://www.teachers.tv">
 <img src="http://www.teachers.tv/files/Web_button_216x68.jpg" alt="Teachers TV logo" />

Links must adhere to the following guidelines and conditions:

  • links should not be used in a defamatory context or link through to any illegal, derogatory or otherwise offensive sites or any site which brings the reputation of Teachers TV into disrepute
  • those creating deep links should be aware that specific page URLs are subject to change without notice
  • all use of our programmes is subject to the Teachers TV Terms of Use
  • links may not imply that Teachers TV endorses the organisation(s) or person(s) providing them or agrees with the ideas expressed by that organisation

Promotional opportunities

Organisations can advertise and work on co-productions with Teachers TV in many ways. For detailed information, please see the Promotional opportunities page.

Submit programme ideas

Teachers TV welcomes programme ideas from Associates, education-related organisations, individual teachers and other individuals as well as the Department for Education.

Read the following important tips before you submit a programme idea, to help us make the most of your suggestion:

  • Co-ordinate and nominate. Please don't send full programme proposals. Our commissioning team are busy folk and unfortunately only have the time to process concise and clear ideas that are kept to just a few lines per suggestion.
  • Please watch the programmes! Teachers TV covers a wide range of topics across all subject areas and professional roles in schools. So it's quite possible that a topic you wish to suggest has already been covered in some way. Familiarise yourself with our programmes by browsing online before submitting your idea.
  • Round and round. There are three commissioning rounds each year, approximately in March, June and November. The deadline for ideas will normally be around two months before each round. You will be informed of the next deadline when you request a Topic Suggestion Form. If you'd like to receive this form, send an email to info@teachers.tv with the subject heading "Topic Suggestion Form".
  • Be selective. A smaller number of well-thought-through ideas will have a better chance of consideration than a longer list. It's important for co-ordinators to collate and prioritise suggestions from across their organisation
  • Urgent? Production of programmes takes approximately six to nine months from commissioning to broadcast. If you have an urgent, topic that requires a quick, time-sensitive response, organisations can submit press releases or details of current stories to the Teachers TV News team by emailing news@teachers.tv

For detailed instructions see below:

Teachers TV Associates

The easiest way to get involved with submitting a programme idea is to become a Teachers TV Associate.

Education related organisations

We also welcome suggestions for new programmes from organisations across the education sector (for example unions, professional associations, subject bodies, training providers, etc).

If you represent an education-related organisation, you can submit an idea by completing a Topic Suggestion Form. If you would like to receive this form, please send an email to info@teachers.tv with the subject heading "Topic Suggestion Form".

You will need to provide details of the organisation you represent, plus details of your position within that organisation.

If you represent an education-related organisation and wish to comment on any existing programming you have seen, you can do so using our Programme Comments Form. To receive this form, email to info@teachers.tv with the subject heading "Programme Comments Form". Again, you'll need to provide details of your organisation and position.

All comments and ideas submitted on these forms will be acknowledged, passed on to our commissioning editors and responded to within six weeks of the relevant ideas submission deadline.

Individual teachers and other individuals

If you are an individual teacher or are not connected with an organisation, you can send your comments or ideas to us directly at info@teachers.tv. All ideas will be passed on to our commissioning team, but unfortunately, due to the high number of ideas we receive, we can't guarantee that you will receive a response to ideas submitted this way.

Department for Education

If you are part of the Department for Education and wish to submit a programme suggestion, or comment on any existing programming you have seen, please send an email to teachers.tv@education.gsi.gov.uk for further information.