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Get involved with the growing online community at Teachers TV by joining one of our lively groups. From whiteboard tips to managing behaviour, you can have your say and discuss common interests. The groups offer a forum to:

  • share ideas
  • discuss problems and solutions
  • recommend videos
  • upload your lesson plans or videos
  • grab useful resources from the Content bank

Find the right group

You can find groups in several ways.

On the Community page you can see which groups have had lots of recent activity, from new messages to those that are attracting new members. The top groups are also highlighted. Simply click on the name of a group to be taken to its page.

On the groups page you can also search just within groups by using the search box at the top of the page.

screenshot: group

If you do a general search of the site, any groups related to the key words you enter will automatically appear in your search results. Simply click on the search result to go to the group.

On each of the pages for roles, subjects, whole school or my school life you will also see any relevant groups listed in the More in section. Simply click on the name of the group to see its content, or you can select All groups to go to the groups homepage.

If a video has already been added to a group's content bank, you will see a link to the group within the Featured in box on the video page. Follow the link to go to the group page.

Join a group

screenshot: join button

Click on the name of any group that interests you to access the group's main page. From here you can join this group by clicking on the Join this group button at the top of the page. You will need to be registered with Teachers TV. You will see a confirmation message once you have joined a group successfully.

Post messages

To post a message within a group, select the Add a message button at the top of the page. A message form will appear. Enter a title and your message. You can also link your message to a particular item in the group's content back by using the drop down menu on the form.

When you're happy with your message, hit the Post message button at the bottom of the form and your message will be uploaded.

screenshot: post a message to the group

If you see any content within a group that is offensive please use the Report link to alert us to this fact. At all times when using groups, please be mindful of our Terms of Use

Content bank

The Content bank is for group members to upload content that is relevant and useful. This could be Teachers TV videos, weblinks or files such as lesson plans and resources.

Group members are invited to submit related items, such as weblinks, documents and videos to their group's content bank. If you have some content you'd like to submit, select the Submit content at the top of the page and you'll be presented with an option to either upload a file, or submit a weblink.

Upload a file

Click on the Upload a file link. Enter a name for your content in the Title box, select the file you wish to upload by clicking on the Choose file button and selecting the appropriate file from your pop-up window. Enter a description for the content you are uploading, then hit Submit. Your submission will be moderated by Teachers TV before appearing in the content bank. The maximum size for any single file is 10MB.

Remember that you can only add content that is your own work, or if you have obtained all the necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions to allow you to use the material if it is someone else's work.

Add a video

If you'd like to share a Teachers TV video with other group members, you can add a video to your group's content bank from the video's page. Using the Add to group option below the video player, you can select any group that you are a member of, and click the Add button to place it in the content bank.

A confirmation message on screen will tell you when the video has been added and will include a link to let you post a comment to the group about the item you have just added to the content bank.

You can only add to the content bank from a video page if you are logged in to the site and are already a member of a group.

Add a weblink

If you've seen another website that you'd like to share with other group members, you can post it in the group's content bank. Click on the Submit content button at the top of the page, then the Submit a weblink button. You'll need to add a title and description, along with the full website address. Select Submit to submit your link.

Suggest a new group

If you can't see a group that interests you, or think that there is an important subject or issue that would benefit from having a discussion forum, feel free to suggest a new group using the link at the top of the groups homepage.

As well as a group name, we'll need you to provide us with a clear description of your proposed group. If your suggestion for a group is carried forward, you may be asked to become a group leader - allowing you to lead discussion and moderate the content within your group.

Send questions to other group members

If you'd like to send a question directly to another group member, please click on their username to access their public profile. If they have enabled this function you will see an option to email them. Any messages that you send will be sent via the Teachers TV server, maintaining group members' privacy at all times.