What is My Teachers TV?
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What is My Teachers TV?

My Teachers TV puts your favourite parts of the site, and the content that's relevant to you, all in one place. From profile information, to comments, bookmarks, group membership and messages, to the videos you have watched during this latest visit, it's all there at your fingertips.

How do I use it?

You'll need to register with the site, then simply log in, and your My Teachers TV area will become active. Roll over My interests, My bookmarks, My groups, or Recent video history to see summary information, then click through to a specific interest, bookmark, group or video to view it.

Alternatively you can click on the All link or My Teachers TV section name to see all information related to that category and edit your settings.

If you are an Associate, you'll also be able to see recent news and updates for Associates.

What is the viewing log?

The viewing log allows you to make videos you watch count towards your Continuing Professional Development. Watch videos, record your initial thoughts, return to update your notes when you've tried implementing ideas in the classroom, and download and print a record of how you have used videos as part of your CPD.

It's a simple three step process:

  1. Watch a video, make initial notes on how the good practice, resources, and tips featured can influence your own classroom practice, help you implement new education policies, or inspire you to address wider issues around your school.
  2. Once you have tried using the information in your own work, you can return to your viewing log to enter reflective notes on your experiences.
  3. Finally, download and print your initial and reflective notes to show how you have used Teachers TV videos as part of your Continuing Professional Development.

You can add notes about as many videos as you'd like, and edit your reports to show all videos or only a selection. Once you've downloaded your viewing log report, you can copy and paste sections, or the entire report, to use in other documents.

Accessing your viewing log

You can access your viewing log at any time by clicking on My viewing log found within the My Teachers TV panel on the left side of every page.

This will take you to the viewing log section of your Teachers TV profile.

Adding a video to your viewing log

Every time you watch a video on Teachers TV you can add it to your viewing log and write notes in response to what you have seen.

Below each video you will see an Add this video link. This automatically adds the video to your viewing log profile, and opens up a small window where you can make initial notes, and add reflective notes once you have tried to implement advice or practice featured in the video.

You can make your notes immediately and save to your profile area, or you can select cancel to return to watching the video.

Adding and editing notes in your viewing log

You can add notes to your viewing log directly from the video page by selecting Add this video, or, if you want to edit your notes, by selecting Edit notes. You can also add notes to any video already in your viewing log by selecting My viewing log in My Teachers TV panel on the left of every page.

On your viewing log page you will see a list of all the videos in your log. Below the notes you have saved about each video there is a link to re-watch the video or update your notes.

Each time you make a change to your viewing log, you will see a message confirming the change below the video player.

Downloading and printing your viewing log report

Accessing your viewing log through the My Teachers TV panel on the left of every page allows you to edit, download and print a report of your CPD using Teachers TV videos.

Every video within your viewing log is automatically included in your report. To remove the video from your report, untick the Include in report option. This won't remove the video from your viewing log, but means your notes about that video won't be included in any report you download. Retick the Include in report option to include a video in your downloaded reports.

Once you are happy with your notes and have selected which videos to include in your report, right click on Download viewing log report and choose Save Target/Link As to download the file to your computer. Once you have downloaded the report, you will be able to print it or copy and paste sections to use in other documents.

Removing a video from your viewing log

To remove a video from your viewing log, select My viewing log from the My Teachers TV panel on the left of each page. Within your viewing log, click on the [x] next to a video's image to remove it from your viewing log.