What is My Teachers TV?
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Teachers TV RSS Feeds

Teachers TV RSS feeds allow you to see when new content that's relevant to you has been added to the site. By subscribing to a feed, you'll receive all the new programme or news information you need, direct to your desktop without having to constantly visit the site to check.

Before you start using feeds, you'll need a piece of software known as a news reader or the latest version of your internet browser. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2.0, Opera or Safari, your browser will load RSS feeds automatically, enabling you to receive links to our content without the need for any additional software.

Alternatively, downloadable applications such as Democracy will stream video content directly into a player on your computer.

If you've not used an RSS feed before, try watching this video on the Common Craft website which explains the basics of what they are and how to use them.


screenshot: subscribe to updates

Click on the Subscribe link located next to the RSS feed icon on either news page, or any destination page to receive live feeds of information relevant to your areas of interest.


You can Like Teachers TV on Facebook to receive updates on our latest videos, content and polls.

You can also share any Teachers TV video on your Facebook profile by clicking on the Facbook icon on the video's page.


Follow Teachers TV on Twitter to receive feeds about our latest videos as well as ideas and comment on all things education.

You can also follow Teachers TV News to be kept up to date with education news stories as they happen.

You can share any Teachers TV video via your Twitter feed by clicking on the Twitter icon on the video's page.

iTunes U

Teachers TV is also available on iTunes U, so you can also access our videos through iTunes on your desktop, laptop, iPod or iPhone. And thanks to the ability to download, you can watch whether you are online or not.

iTunes U is the part of iTunes that's dedicated to education - think U for university. It's free and available to everyone.


Simply launch Teachers TV iTunes U and navigate through our wide ranging content to find videos that will help you in your role. Once you find a category that you are interested in, you can double-click a video title to watch it there and then, click Get film to download it, or click Get tracks to download all the videos in that category. Your video(s) will download so you can watch them when you're ready, or you can sync them to your iPod or iPhone and watch them on the go.

You will need the iTunes software, which you can download here if you don't have it already. More information on iTunes U is available on the Apple website.

Social bookmarking

You can share and save your favourite Teachers TV News videos using social bookmarking with the following sites:

Social bookmarking is a way of storing all of your bookmarked pages on a personalised website, meaning you can access them from any computer when you're online.

If you've not used social bookmarking before, try watching this video on the Common Craft website, which explains the basics of how they work.

To add a Teachers TV News video to your social bookmarks, simply click on the relevant icon at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.