What is My Teachers TV?
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Request a video

Use the Request a Video service to suggest topics for future Teachers TV videos, or to ask for help in finding videos on the website.

Simply click on the Request a Video button located on the left on any page.

On the Request a Video page use the contact form, if we already have videos which match your request, we will send you links for you to watch them online.

If we don't have the videos you are looking for, we may use your request to make a new video. You will then receive a confirmation message and email.

You can only use this service if you are logged into the website.

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On every video page, a selection of videos, series and features you may like will appear underneath the video player on a carousel. On news pages this will appear on the right of the page.

You can look through the selection by clicking on the left or right arrow. To view an item in the carousel, simply click on it.