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Play videos online

When you visit a video page, click on the large image to begin playing the video. The video will start playing immediately, although you might have to wait a few seconds for some of it to download (buffer) before it starts.

Controls for the video are at the bottom of the video player. Use the controls to fast-forward and rewind, control your volume, play or pause, or expand your video to full screen.

You can find information about the video is next to the video player. This includes its duration, licensing, publish date, and whether or not it has subtitles available.

If a video has subtitles, an S button will appear on the control bar once the video has started playing. Use this to turn the subtitles on and off. Not every video is available with subtitles.

To find out more information on what the video is about, click on more information underneath the summary to the right of the video player.

Read more about media player and connection speed.

Download a video

screenshot: download button

All of our downloadable videos are available in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format and some newer videos are available in QuickTime (.mov) format. To download a video:

  • Register or log in and go to the relevant video page
  • Click on Download
  • Right-click either the Windows Media or the QuickTime option and select Save Target/Link as to download the file to your computer
  • The video will start to download. The files can be quite large and it may take several minutes to complete

In some cases, you may not be able to view or download a video. This will be stated clearly, and will be due to licensing and legal agreements.

Buy on DVD

Most Teachers TV videos can be bought on DVD through Classroom Video, so you can receive high quality copies of our content.

To order a DVD, click on Buy on DVD on the relevant video page. You will be taken through to the Classroom Video website where you can complete your purchase.

Prices for this service are listed on the Classroom Video website.

Classroom Video is an independent commercial company. Acting as a third party service, they make and distribute the DVDs and charge a fee for this service. The majority of our videos are available to buy on DVD, but there are exceptions where we do not have the rights to distribute that programme on DVD.

If you have any queries relating to the DVD service provided by Classroom Video, please contact orders@classroomvideo.co.uk

Send to a friend

screenshot: send to a friend

Have you seen something you think a friend or colleague might find useful? Click on the envelope icon and fill out the email form. A message, including a link to the video, will be sent.

My bookmarks

screenshot: my bookmarks

Use the My bookmarks tool if you'd like to keep a record of the videos you've found useful. Once logged in, you'll see a My bookmarks section on the left of the programme page in the My teachers.tv box. Select Bookmark this and the video will be saved in your bookmarks list.

Social bookmarking

Use social bookmarking to keep a record of news videos you've found useful. Select the social bookmark service you wish to use by clicking on its icon. You will be taken to that site where you'll need to log in to save the video page as a bookmark. This tool is available with:

Social bookmarking is only available on Teachers TV News stories.

More information about Social bookmarking is provided under Online tools.

Share with Twitter and Facebook

You can add any Teachers TV video to your profile on Twitter and Facebook. Simply click on the relevant icon below the video player, log in to your account, and follow the instructions.

Related links and Extra materials

screenshot: support materials

Most videos have Related links and Extra materials, such as weblinks, lesson plans and resources that you can download and use in class. These are listed on every video page, under the Related links and Extra materials headings.

To visit a suggested website or download a document or resource, simply click on the link provided.


As a registered user, you can make a comment about any of our videos, using the Comments box at the bottom of the video page to share your thoughts or views.

Make a comment

screenshot: post a new comment

Log in, then use the Post Comment form to enter a subject line and add your comment. You can choose whether to send your comment just to Teachers TV or make the comment public.

screenshot: subscribe

You can also opt to receive an email when someone else posts a comment on the same video by using the tick box at the bottom of the form. Click Post comment when you're ready.

Reply to a comment

Log in, then click on the Reply button next to the comment you wish to reply to, and enter your message. You can opt to receive an email when someone else posts a comment by using the tick box at the bottom of the form. Once you're ready, hit Send reply.

Report a comment

screenshot: report

You can report any comments on the Teachers TV site to our moderators if you feel they are inappropriate.

To report a comment, log in and then click on the Report button next to that comment. Select the reason for reporting the message from the drop down box, then use the text box to provide more details. Click Send report. Please see our Community guidelines for more information.

Media players

Teachers TV videos can be watched online through our Flash Video Player, which offers good picture and sound quality. You will need version 9 or later of the Flash plug-in to make full use of the video player options. If you don't have the Flash player installed or you don't have JavaScript enabled, you'll automatically see our videos in the previous Windows Media format.

All downloadable videos are available in Windows Media format, and more recent ones are also available in QuickTime. When you click to download a video you will see which formats are available.

Please follow the links below if you need to download any of these media players:

Connection speed

Your connection speed will affect the amount of time it takes to download a video to your computer. In addition, video file sizes will vary according to programme length. Downloading a video will take a few minutes with a broadband connection. If you're using dial-up, it will take several minutes or even hours to save.

Edit a video

You can easily edit any of our videos covered by the Creative Archive Licence using free software. Using this software you can create short clips from our videos for use in class or in CPD training. If you use Windows XP, you can use the Windows Movie Maker programme. The instructions below are based on using this software. If you have a different movie editor programme, simply follow the guide that was supplied with the software, although the guide below will also give you some helpful tips.

  • Step 1: Download the video you want to edit and save the file to your computer
  • Step 2: Open Windows Movie Maker. Select Import video from the left-hand column (located in Capture Video). Locate the video you have downloaded from your computer and select Import. The video will automatically be split into chapters (chronological clips of film) that will be displayed in the centre window of Movie Maker. Each chapter is represented by an image from that clip
  • Step 3: Select and drag the chapters you want to use into the blank panels (timeline) at the bottom of the screen. You can view the selected chapters, played back-to-back, by pressing play or selecting the Ctrl and W keys on your keyboard together. By playing your edited video you can see if the chapters naturally fit together, or if they need further work
  • Step 4: By using the Edit Movie section in the left hand panel you can add features to your new video, such as a title, fading and transition effects, or add onscreen text throughout. Selecting links in Movie Making Tips explains how to use these elements further
  • Step 5: When you've completed your newly edited video, go to the Finish Movie section in the left-hand panel and select where you want to save it to

If you need more help you can visit the Windows Movie Maker help page.