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If you've achieved HLTA status, or just making your first steps towards it, here you will find videos, features and resources to support your standards and inspire you in the classroom.

Recommended video

HLTA professional standards

Professional values and practice:

15 mins Working with Teachers - Exploring the Relationship
Part of the series Primary TAs
Teachers and teaching assistants learn about each others roles

Professional knowledge and understanding:

30 mins Every Child Matters
Part of the series School Matters
Two different schools' approaches to Every Child Matters

Professional skills:

15 mins Planning Work
The candid views of TAs as they plan and carry out their work

Useful links

More useful sites for TAs and HLTAs.


Can you handle it?

Try our all new primary interactive behaviour challenge


HLTA assessment tasks and portfolio

As a primary HLTA champion, Bobbie McCabe runs workshops for those working towards HLTA status. Here she give her advice on tackling the assessment tasks and portfolio evidence.

Writing your assessment tasks and building your portfolio


Top resources

Some top tips for working with dyslexic pupils in primary school, including how to spot the signs of dyslexia.

Working with dyslexic pupils (Word 62kb)

This resource is featured in the following video:

TAs: Whole School Impact - Secondary   KS1/2 English - Teaching the Dyslexic Child Helping dyslexic children become independent learners.