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ICT > Primary

Videos, resources and features to support your use of ICT and help enhance your lessons

Podcasting in the Classroom

ICT expert Joe Dale gives his top tips for pocasting in school
Podcasting in the classroom
15 mins Podcasting
Part of the series ICT for the Non-Specialist
A school uses podcasting to raise achievement levels
10 mins Part 2 -Building Foundations
Part of the series New School, New Technology
A new primary school uses ICT to involve pupils in its creation

Better learning with ICT

An enhanced video series with extra resources ready to download

15 mins Animation
Part of the series Better Learning with ICT
Useful tips on using animation and technology in the classroom
15 mins Visualisers
Part of the series Better Learning with ICT
Advice and tips for using visualisers in the classroom


Join groups to share your thoughts and ideas with others in the education community.

You can also suggest a group on a new subject.

ICT Groups

Share ideas in the Cross-curricular ICT skills group, or swap ideas and strategies in our Whiteboard tips and techniques group.

If you are an ICT specialist, you will want to join our Teaching ICT group.


ICT across the school

15 mins ICT Fun for Free
Part of the series Inspirations
A school uses free software to challenge and engage pupils
15 mins Mobile Learning
Part of the series ICT for the Non-Specialist
A primary school uses handheld computers to improve learning

ICT as a subject

15 mins Primary Cross Curricular - China: ICT and PE
A day in the life of cross-curricular studies at a primary school
15 mins Primary ICT - Natural Connections
Part of the series Finland
An ICT teacher observes teaching techniques at a Finnish school

Quick tips

Using an interactive whiteboard

By presing the F11 key when viewing a web page on your IWB, you will get rid of all the tool bars so that you can maximise the view for your class.

Just press it again to get them back.


Send us your ICT tips

If you've got a useful ICT tip, send it to us at ict@teachers.tv so we can publish it here.


ICT in the news

Schoolchildren told to avoid Wikipedia

Source: telegraph.co.uk


Teaching school texts by txt

Source: guardian.co.uk



TES ICT resources

Find more useful ICT resources on the TES website.