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ICT > Tips

Times across the world

If you ever need to quickly find out the time in another country, just use Google to do it for you!

Simply type in 'time' followed by the city you want, such as 'New York', and it will calculate the local time for you in a second!



Using ICT for AfL: everyone gets a go!

When holding question and answer sessions with a class, it's important to ensure that every pupil is engaged and able to contribute.

A good way of ensuring this is by using a random student selector.

Pupils’ names are drawn at random and displayed on the interactive whiteboard. It’s like a hi-tec version of lollipop sticks, and also looks a lot more impressive!

Andy Clarke, from ICT Goodies


Shortening URLs

If you want to give your students a website's URL, but it's too long for them to type or remember, use a website like tinyurl.com or bit.ly to make it shorter. This lets you give out easy to remember links instead.

Richard Bradshaw, physics teacher


Switching between windows

Hold down ALT and then press the TAB key to quickly switch between all the programs you have running on your PC. This means you can save time when you have a lot of windows open by not having to use the mouse.


Text size

To increase or decrease the text size in a Word document highlight the text and hold down the Control and Shift keys, then press < to decrease and > to increase the font size.