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Examples of maths resources

Here you'll find a selection of great downloadable maths resources, which might provide you with some vital information, or inspire lesson planning. Remember, there are more great downloads available in the resources section of most individual maths videos.


A lesson plan for the teaching and learning of tenths and hundreths using ICT with maths
Lesson Plan: Tenths and Hundredths (Word 88kb)
Year 5 Springboard maths activities
Lesson Plan: Springboard Maths (PDF 773kb)
Outline of lesson plan studying digital photographs of objects in the local environment, teaching to identify polygons that are both explicit and implicit
Lesson Plan: Year 6 Polygons (PDF 509kb)
Author and maths expert Richard Dunne discusses the theory behind how visualisation works
Visualisation (Word 57kb)
General introduction to Richard Dunne's maths teaching method
Make Maths Make Sense: Basic Script (Word 344kb)
Two lesson plans for KS2 maths division, for mixed ability students
Lesson Plans: KS2 Division (Word 28kb)
Lesson plan focusing on fractions
Lesson Plan: Halves and Doubles (Word 31kb)


A poem by the Mathagony Aunt Wendy Fortescue Hubbard on calculating median
The Middle Median Average (PDF 48kb)
Ideas for classroom activities for each of the five sections of KS3/4 Maths for Pupils: Scrapyard Starters
Activities: Scrapyard Starters (Word 100kb)
A discussion of what secondary maths teachers should be doing to sustain their interest and enthusiasm for the subject
Subject Knowledge: Maths - Summary of Discussion (Word 723kb)
Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard's tips on the practical application of maths
Making Maths Practical (Word 45kb)
Teacher Stuart Hill's lesson plan on calculating different averages and working out which situations are best to use them in
Lesson Plan: Averages (Word 47kb)
A project that looked at ways of motivating pupils of all abilities to learn mathematics beyond 16
Case Study: Motivating Maths at GCSE (Word 45kb)