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My school life > Personal wellbeing (primary)

Effective ways to reduce stress, get inspired again and achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Wellbeing at Work

15 mins Coping with Bullying Managers
Part of the series Wellbeing at Work
Experts give advice on workplace bullying, using a case study
15 mins Dealing with Malicious Allegations
Part of the series Wellbeing at Work
Advice, based around a case study, on dealing with allegations
15 mins Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
Part of the series Wellbeing at Work
Expert advice on ways to deal with a disruptive class
15 mins Coping with Excessive Workload
Part of the series Wellbeing at Work
Advice for teachers maintaining a balance between work and home

Richard Gerver has answered your questions

Thank you to everyone who emailed their questions to our wellbeing expert Richard Gerver.

Read Richard's answers and advice

Richard may not be able to answer every question emailed in, but you can also contact the Teacher Support Network, which provides practical and emotional support to staff in the education sector.

Any advice given is for general purposes only and is not intended to be legal or other professional advice, and you should not rely on any information provided as if it were such advice. If you require advice on a specific legal issue, please contact your union representative, your local citizen's advice bureau (or similar organisation) or a solicitor.


Explore personal wellbeing


LGBT Workers in Schools
(94 members)


What To Do If...
Not sure what to do? Get advice on strategies to adopt and next steps to take, from a range of experts.
(11 programmes)

Primary personal wellbeing videos

15 mins Disability Equality Duty
Part of the series CareerWise
Peter Curran explores the Disability Equality Duty, providing an insight into the provisions made for teachers with disabilities.
No Subtitles
15 mins Time Management
Part of the series The Primary A-Z of...
Teachers talk about the problems they have managing their own time, offer up some tips, and debate whether time management is just common sense or a skill you need to learn.
No Subtitles
30 mins Private Life v Public Role
Part of the series What If...?
Using an imaginary case study, moderator Mike Baker asks a panel whether teachers ought to follow higher moral personal standards than other professionals.
No Subtitles
30 mins Part 4 - Thursday: The Stress Expert
Part of the series How Stressed is Your School?
Host Hermione Cockburn is joined at Kings Langley Secondary School by stress expert Dr Angela Clow, who reveals the results of hormone testing on the teachers as part of an investigation into work-related stress.
No Subtitles
15 mins No Time to Spend with My Partner
Part of the series Ease the Load
Kate Lydiatt is a self-confessed perfectionist. She is also a fast track NQT, who wants to spend more time with her partner, and needs to decorate her new house!
No Subtitles
15 mins Finding Time to Walk the Dog
Part of the series Ease the Load
Ease The Load has recruited top life coach Gladeana McMahon to offer one of our viewers some much needed advice on time management.
15 mins It's About Time
Part of the series Ease the Load
This programme looks at three schools that have implemented innovative time-saving ideas to make life easier for their staff.
15 mins The Three Cs
Part of the series Ease the Load
Like 'The Three Rs' these 'Three Cs' are an important part of school life.
No Subtitles
15 mins Start the Year Here
Part of the series Ease the Load
The magazine series helping you to manage your workload and improve your work life balance. In the first of a new series, this programme is about the opportunities a new year offers for implementing changes to ease your teaching load.
15 mins All Together Now
Part of the series Ease the Load
Relationships matter and can make the difference between a good day in school and a bad one.