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My school life (secondary)

This is the place to find advice and real-life examples of how to get the most out of your time working in education.

All my school life topics

Careers in school

5 mins Interviewing an NQT
Part of the series Interviewing Staff
Tips from a team of experts on how to interview an NQT
5 mins Working with Partner Schools
Part of the series Thinking of Becoming an Academy
Exploring the idea of academies supporting other schools

Continuing professional development

5 mins Effective Team Meetings
Part of the series Tips from the Top
An expert offers practical tips on effective team meetings
30 mins Punctuation - Commas
Part of the series Phil Beadle's Masterclass
Year 10 and 11 students learn about using commas

Personal wellbeing

4 mins Stress Relief Video - Calming Countryside
Part of the series Wellbeing at Work
The picturesque countryside promotes relaxation and peace
15 mins Time Management
Part of the series The Secondary A-Z of...
Teachers share their tips for effective time management