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Get advice about teaching careers and other educational roles by using our resources, speaking to a jobs expert and hearing from those already working in education.

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Share your thoughts and views with others in the education community on everything from working with SEN students to becoming a trainee teacher.

You maybe even ready for the next step and want to think about a headship

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7 mins Personal Statements
Part of the series Get That Job
Discover practical tips on how to get the best results by watching this new video resource. And if you’ve got a query about finding content or would to see other videos made, visit the Video Request Service

The Schools Recruitment Service

The Schools Recruitment Service, delivered by the DSCF, is an innovative online recruitment system to help fill permanent leadership, teaching and support roles in all types of educational establishments.

  To look for a post or find out more visit the Schools Recruitment Service.

Secondary careers in school videos

15 mins Masters in Teaching and Learning
Part of the series Need to Know
Presenter Mike Baker finds out all you need to know about the new Masters in Teaching and Learning degree, which the government is to introduce in 2010.
No Subtitles
15 mins Crossing the Pay Threshold
Part of the series Need to Know
Presenter Mike Baker speaks to teachers and career expert Sara Bubb, about the new process of crossing the pay threshold for teachers.
No Subtitles
15 mins Teaching Assistants - Becoming an HLTA
Teaching assistant Michele Ferrara, from Plumstead Manor School in London, goes through the process of becoming an HLTA.
No Subtitles
15 mins Specialist HLTA
This programme focuses on Sharon Fry, a learning mentor who has opted to take part in a pilot scheme, training to become a science HLTA.
No Subtitles
30 mins William Atkinson
Part of the series Estelle Morris Meets
In this programme, Estelle Morris talks to one of the most respected headteachers in the country and the inspiration for Lenny Henry's character in the BBC drama Hope and Glory.
No Subtitles
15 mins Management or Classroom?
Part of the series CareerWise
This programme looks how teachers can move up in the career ladder, be it through management or in the classroom.
15 mins Control Your Professional Development
Part of the series CareerWise
This programme takes a look at how teachers can decide the direction of their own careers, right from the outset.
15 mins Alternative Career Routes
Part of the series CareerWise
Find out about alternative career routes in the teaching profession as a number of teachers looking to progress in their careers discuss the schemes available.
No Subtitles
15 mins Career Rejuvenation
Part of the series CareerWise
This programme is all about career rejuvenation and looks at why so many teachers consider throwing in the towel after four or five years.
No Subtitles
15 mins Headteachers
Part of the series CareerWise
In this programme,
No Subtitles