Screen capture from NUT launches new Reading4Pleasure resource

NUT launches new Reading4Pleasure resource

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has launched a new online resource aimed at helping teachers keep pupils motivated to read both in and outside school. The Reading4Pleasure site is part of the union's call to schools to move away from reading tests where, the union says, pupils answer mundane questions or only read extracts rather than an entire novel. The union's work is based on reports by the OECD and the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which show links between higher attainment and reading for pleasure. The reports also concluded that nearly 40% of children don't read outside the classroom.

"You can be that exciting person, the person who lights up the child in front of you" Michael Rosen

Children's author and former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen was at the launch event and has personal experience of the problems of teaching books in school:

"My son, now 35, said to me 'The whole point about a book in school dad is that it's boring!'"

Mr Rosen believes the resource could help teachers and says it is the restrictions placed on them that cause problems with reading in school. He believes that when children read, it opens up a whole world of adventures and learning to them, and that while teachers already do a great job, they could inspire pupils even more:

"You can be that exciting person, the person who lights up the child in front of you."

The NUT's Reading4Pleasure documents include a range of ideas to support teachers from providing case studies and ideas for interactive lessons, and using popular songs and TV shows to link to the core curriculum. A section is also aimed especially at encouraging boys to read through detective, horror and sporting stories.

The downloadable file is available on the NUT website:


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