Screen capture from Dream teachers answer the toughest questions

Dream teachers answer the toughest questions

Not every school can boast teachers with such familiar names as David Starkey, Rolf Harris, Alistair Campbell, Simon Callow or Tinchy Strider, but TV chef Jamie Oliver has them all on the rota for his new Dream School project.

"Could we get our kids' brains working differently? Make them want to actually turn up at school" Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Dream School

"Back in the day when I was at school, I was rubbish, and like a lot of kids today, I found it hard to learn," says Jamie Oliver. "Now I've been lucky enough to see where a bit of inspiration can take you."

Academic David Starkey will teach history class and show pupils seventh-century 'bling' from the Staffordshire hoard. Olympic athlete Daley Thompson tries his hand at sport while Dame Ellen MacArthur talks about exploration and Cherie Booth looks at legal and human rights issues. The aim is to encourage 20 disengaged teenagers back to the classroom.

While Jamie's Dream School is big on celebrity, the chef wants inspirational classroom teachers to step forward too.

"Many of the celebrities who are accustomed to speaking to large groups, and accustomed to doing what they're doing have actually really struggled," said Laura Scott from Google. "I think that shows that teachers have to deal with this every single day."

Backed by Google, YouTube, Edexcel and Teachers TV, the idea is to create an online resource of short films full of creative answers which offer practical ways to teach these areas that can be of use to both teachers and pupils.

Taking the toughest topics from GCSE subjects, Jamie's urging teachers to upload their own ideas for classroom stardom. From explaining Pythagoras' theorem to the impact of globalisation on local industries, teachers can submit their inspirational ideas to a dedicated YouTube channel where there's practical advice on how to make the films. A range of prizes will be shared between schools and teachers for best and most popular films.

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