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Preparing for the interview

What are people looking for from a headteacher? Anyone applying for such a senior post should have done their homework on what the interview panel is wanting, and this doesn’t just mean the person specification but what the issues are at the moment. Think how you can show them that you will meet their needs by considering answers to likely questions.

As with any interview, you need to bring answers to life with examples of what you have done so choose four or five that might fit different scenarios.

How would you go about building up relationships with staff? Talk about what you’ve done to get team spirit and build an ethos across the whole workforce in your present school.

How could you involve the whole community in a school initiative? Pull out the main points through an example that demonstrates your distributed leadership.

Tell us about two recent national initiatives, one you feel positive about and the other negative and say why.

You’re bound to be asked something like,:What would your priorities for the first three months be? so think that one through. What would you say? What do you think they’d like you to say?