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Preparing for the interview

A head of year has to have skills to work with a range of adults and young people, but what else will an interview panel be looking for? Think about why they’re asking the question and what they want to hear. One teacher who was asked what her classroom said ‘I was in full flow about its architecture, windows, doors, etc. until I realised this must be a question about classroom organisation!’

Consider questions before answering and don’t be frightened of a few seconds silence – it’s better than gabbling a whole lot of nonsense. If you’re stumped, just ask them to repeat it.

Sometimes you’ll be asked wacky questions such as: name an object that represents what you’d bring to the school?. This tests your creativity and ability to think on your feet so how about answering: A space-hopper because I have lots of bounce and make people smile - and lift them to new heights.

If they raise a weakness turn it into a positive, give an example of how a disastrous experience taught you valuable lessons in needing to be calm in a crisis, and so on. No one expects you to be perfect (except you!) but enthusiasm makes up for a lot.