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Teaching at interview

Teaching at interview is tough. Here are some tips:

  • Try to give the observers what they want
  • Show that you're professional: have a rapport with children and manage them well; are enthusiastic; plan creatively; use effective teaching strategies; and reflect on learning and teaching
  • Plan thoroughly and keep it simple but interesting
  • Give the interviewers a well-presented copy of your plan
  • Make sure you have a plainly phrased learning objective, and some motivating activities that will allow it to be met
  • Bring resources rather than assuming that the classroom will have them
  • Find out the name of a child who is very able and one with special needs. Think of questions that will be appropriate for each
  • Act confidently, making lots of eye contact, smiling, and using praise to reinforce the behaviour you want
  • Get the lesson finished to show how you bring the learning together
  • Afterwards, reflect on the lesson intelligently showing that you can assess children's learning, and think of ways to improve your teaching

No one expects the lesson to be perfect, but interviewers want to see that you're enthusiastic, and can handle unfamiliar situations with verve.