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Preparing for your interview

Nervousness is only to be expected, but you’ve probably never suffered so badly as the teacher, who was so nervous that she misheard questions, said: "Giving my views on daterapes rather than daytrips was particularly embarrassing!"

The best way to manage nervousness is to prepare very well so that you can rightly tell yourself that there's nothing to worry about. Leaving things until the last minute will cause unnecessary anxiety so plan your journey carefully with some plan B options in case of transport delays on the day.

Plan to arrive in plenty of time so that you will still arrive cool and collected even if there are delays. Decide on what clothes you're going to wear and dress the part that you're applying for. Donning a smart jacket will help make you feel confident.

Prepare some answers for questions you might get. Try answering some questions out loud to yourself. You might want to record yourself so that you can see how great you sound.

A bit of nervousness is good - the adrenaline will help you perform at your peak so there's really no need to worry. Indeed, some people see nervousness as a real plus point because it shows that you really want the job.