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Making a positive impression

For success at interview, you’ve got to feel and look the part. Remember that you’re on show the whole time that you’re in the school. Research shows that the content of what you say is only part of the impact that you make. Voice and appearance matter hugely.

Wear smart clothes, but make sure you’ll be comfortable. Avoid clothes that might distract interviewers by exposing too much flesh, bulges or glimpses of underwear. Go for a professional look a suit jacket will make you look and feel professional, and you can always take it off for a more informal look. A reasonably conservative look is safest. Smell is important, too - don't turn up reeking of cigarettes or strong scent.

Take a smart bag or folder with your application form, the job information and a copy of an education paper to read while waiting. It will look professional and may come in handy in answering a question or two. Have emergency paracetemol, tissues, mints and if you’re wearing tights, pack a spare pair. Eat breakfast and turn off that mobile. There’s nothing worse than a rumbling belly or a jolly ring-tone when you’re trying to impress!