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On the NQT Hub you'll find videos, advice and tips to help you through your induction year - including videos to support each of the core standards.

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Recommended for NQTs

Recommended videos to help you through your NQT year

2 mins Registration! Registration!
Part of the series Lesson Refreshers
Activities for registration time
5 mins Planning a School Trip
Part of the series Tips from the Top
Dos and donts when it comes to planning a school trip
5 mins Interviewing an NQT
Part of the series Interviewing Staff
Tips from a team of experts on how to interview an NQT

Positive relationships

Creating positive relationships with your pupils is key to helping them to both learn and enjoy school. Teacher Michael Walker shares his tricks of the trade picked up through his teaching experience.


Top series for NQTs

Series: Bayley's Behaviour for NQTs NQTs get support from behaviour expert John Bayley, as he observes them in the classroom and helps them tackle behaviour issues.

Top tips

At the start of the day, ask a student to use a dictionary to find a challenging or unfamiliar word that they would like to learn.

The word is added to a wall at the back of the room and children are encouraged to use it in their written or spoken work.


NQT extras

Useful links

A selection of useful websites, Twitter feeds and blogs for NQTs.

NQT group

Where NQTs can join discussions and improve their skills through sharing ideas and tips.


Download the Autumn 2010 issue of the termly publication for NQTs.

The latest NQT Newsletter (PDF 195kb)


The Behaviour Challenge: Can you handle it?

Pit your wits against the students with our interactive behaviour challenges

Primary Behaviour Challenge

Use the interactive Primary Behaviour Challenge to try out your behaviour strategies. See if your technique will help bring order to a disruptive classroom

Secondary Behaviour Challenge

Want to put your behaviour management techniques to the test? Try the interactive Secondary Behaviour Challenge to see if your strategies will work


Help with core standards

Core Standard 30 Professional skills (ii); teaching

30 mins Louise Radford
Part of the series From Good to Outstanding
An opportunity to observe an individual child's response to learning and use this to see how to adapt teaching style to accommodate diversity and pupils' different learning needs.

Interactive CPD training

Use these interactive CPD training packages for your own personal learning

NQTs - Behaviour Management
An interactive CPD package on behaviour strategies for NQTs
NQTs - Differentiation and Planning
Interactive CPD package on differentiation and planning for NQTs
NQTs - School Relationships
Interactive CPD package on relationships NQTs should develop
NQTs - Work/Life Balance
Interactive CPD package on building a work/life balance for NQTs

Top resources

In document form - complete APP assessments quickly and easily
APP Tracker with Manual (PDF 3,167kb)

Watch the video this resource comes from:

15 mins Part 1: Finding the Gaps
Part of the series APP - How Does It Work?
Watch a small pilot of APP in a KS2 cross-curricular lesson