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Richard Gerver

Expertise: Education, motivation and creativity consultant.

Background: Richard began his working life as an actor, but then changed direction to begin his teaching career in 1992, later becoming a headteacher. In 2005 he won the prestigious School Head Teacher of the Year Award at the Teaching Awards for his work in transforming a school on the brink of closure into one of the most innovative.

Richard developed his organisational philosophy of living, learning and laughing during his time as headteacher.

Practice: Richard now works around the world, sharing his expertise and experience on cultural and organisational transformation, human development, leadership, creativity and innovation. He has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations including HBOS, SKANSKA, The British Council and RBS.

Most recently he has been helping a large number of businesses to understand the vision needed to overcome the fear and emotional uncertainty caused by the current economic crisis.

Richard also works as an author and media commentator. He is a regular contributor in the British print media; writing for The Times and The Daily Telegraph, he also makes regular appearances on the BBC; most recently on breakfast television and The Politics Show.

Publications: Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today (Dec. 2009)

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Visit Richard Gerver's website to find out more.