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Roles > School leader (primary)

Share the weight of responsibility with those in the know. Explore good practice in various fields and see advice on motivating staff and pupils alike.

CPD leader

4 mins Writing Non-Fiction
Part of the series Teaching Support
Primary teachers give top ideas for teaching non-fiction writing
4 mins Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Part of the series Teaching Support
A CPD video about fractions for KS2 teachers


5 mins Interviewing an NQT
Part of the series Interviewing Staff
Tips from a team of experts on how to interview an NQT
5 mins Dealing with Difficult Staff
Part of the series Tips from the Top
How to deal with difficult staff members

Online channels

School Improvement Channel

Find out how other schools are transforming themselves and see their innovative ideas in practice

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6 mins Primary Curriculum Leadership
Part of the series Lessons from Chile
The key to success for a Chilean primary in a poor district
6 mins Reading Improvement
Part of the series Lessons from Chile
The strategy behind improved reading results in Chile

Middle leader

30 mins Bringing a Management Team Together
Part of the series Ease the Load
Gladeana McMahon advises a leadership team on working together
15 mins Group Dynamics
Part of the series Classroom Observation with Bayley
John Bayley helps a deputy head to give honest lesson feedback