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Roles > Administrative and support staff (secondary)

Support for the supporting! See professional advice and good practice, plus the best ways to manage your time and workload.

Explore administrative and support staff


Cover Supervisors
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Dealing with Violent and Aggressive Behaviour
Teachers and experts provide advice for secondary teachers, TAs and support staff on how to manage angry pupils in a variety of school situations, using short dramas to show behaviour management advice and tips.
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Secondary administrative and support staff videos

15 mins CPD for the Wider Workforce - Heywood Community High School
Heywood Community College in Rochdale has encouraged its entire workforce to participate in ongoing staff training and development, and shows how the policy has benefited staff and students alike.
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15 mins A Day in the Life of a Form Tutor
Part of the series Form Tutors
This short film follows a busy day in the life of a form tutor at a Bristol school which has implemented a system of vertical tutoring.
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15 mins Library activity ideas, design, teenage book catalogue
A look at three resources recommended for use by library staff with suggestions on how they could be used.
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15 mins KS3 Support Staff
Part of the series Literacy: The Whole Story
This programme looks at the changing roles of TAs and their effect on Little Ilford School's literacy strategy.
No Subtitles
15 mins TAs - In Special Schools
HLTAs and LSAs support and enrich the learning of students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties at Oakwood School, Bexleyheath.
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15 mins Professional Development
A look at the opportunities support staff have when it comes to professional development and taking on a wider range of duties.
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15 mins Dealing With Change
A snapshot of how some key individuals have dealt with the new challenges brought about by the changing role of support staff.
No Subtitles
15 mins Impact on Learning
A look at the developing roles of three support staff who are putting their skills to good use in the classroom.
No Subtitles
15 mins Extended Services
Follow support staff who have been in the front line of implementing the extended schools initiative and the challenges they have faced.
No Subtitles
15 mins From Support Staff to SENCO
At The Deanery High School in Wigan, Janine Priest is the student support manager. From a brand new purpose-built complex, she runs a department of eight learning support assistants and one part-time administrator.