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Roles > School leader (secondary)

Share the weight of responsibility with those in the know. Explore good practice in various fields and see advice on motivating staff and pupils alike.

CPD leader

4 mins When Professionals Disagree - NQT Versus Mentor
Part of the series School Dilemmas
What should you do when NQT and mentor don't see eye to eye?
4 mins Hothousing Gifted Pupils
Part of the series School Dilemmas
How much pressure should be put on a bright student to achieve?


5 mins Interviewing an NQT
Part of the series Interviewing Staff
Tips from a team of experts on how to interview an NQT
5 mins Effective Team Meetings
Part of the series Tips from the Top
An expert offers practical tips on effective team meetings

Online channels

School Improvement Channel

Find out how other schools are transforming themselves and see their innovative ideas in practice

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5 mins Working with Partner Schools
Part of the series Thinking of Becoming an Academy
Exploring the idea of academies supporting other schools
5 mins New Freedoms
Part of the series Thinking of Becoming an Academy
The new freedoms and opportunities that come with academy status

Middle leader

5 mins Finding Time for STEM
Part of the series Sharing Your Great Practice
STEM activities are introduced in a KS3 cross-curricular approach
5 mins Coaching - Introducing Annie Boate
Part of the series Inspirational CPD Training
CPD trainer firmly believes coaching can deliver dramatic results