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All secondary bullying videos

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  • 30 mins Stopping the Bullying
    Part of the series What If...?
    How does a school deal with bullying? Should verbal and physical bullying be treated the same? Is one always worse than the other? How should complaints from parents be handled? What if it is the teachers who are being bullied?
    No Subtitles
  • 30 mins Part 3 - Bullying and Legislative Equality
    Part of the series Gay to Z
    Looking to the future, we learn about some of the different ambitions of the lesbian, gay and bisexual young people featured in the programme.
    No Subtitles
  • 30 mins Gangs
    Part of the series What If...?
    Using an imaginary case study, Mike Baker asks an expert panel how they would tackle escalating gang-related incidents within schools.
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins Matching and Caring
    Part of the series Peer Mentoring
    Learn more about the Peer Mentoring Project, a scheme designed to protect vulnerable pupils, as we follow three pairs of matched students at a school in Manchester.
    No Subtitles
  • 30 mins Tackling Bullying
    Part of the series Talking Point
    This episode of Talking Point brings a group of teachers together to discuss whether schools are really doing enough to tackle bullying.
    No Subtitles
  • 30 mins Norway - Anti Bullying
    Part of the series How Do They Do It In...?
    Norway has reduced bullying in some schools by 50 per cent. In this programme, we find out why Norwegians are such pioneers in tackling bullying, and explore the key features of their successful approach.
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins KS3/4 PSHE - What is Sexual Bullying?
    An informative introduction to the issue of sexual bullying, this video is designed to get KS3/4 PSHE students thinking about what sexual bullying is, and how it can make others feel.
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins The Scary Guy Does Parents
    Anti-bullying and behaviour expert The Scary Guy talks to parents about how to spot the signs of bullying, and the strategies parents can use to support their children through it.
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins KS3/4 PSHE - Emotional Intelligence
    How can secondary schools teach emotional skills to teenagers? This programme examines two schools' approaches to the subject and uncovers what their pupils think.
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins Every Child Matters - Two Stories
    Two Stories uses actors and children's services professionals to illustrate two real case histories, revealing the importance of sharing information and working together to protect children.
    No Subtitles