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All reading key stage 4 videos

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  • 30 mins More Ways into Shakespeare's Othello
    Part of the series Sabrina Broadbent's Masterclass
    Emphasising story, soliloquy, structure and performance, English teacher Sabrina Broadbent teaches a second masterclass on Shakespeare's Othello.
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins Improving Boys' Literacy in Wales - Barry Comprehensive School
    Teachers demonstrate their successful strategies for improving literacy in teenage boys at Barry Comprehensive School in Wales. The school has been recognised for its achievements in improving literacy, and teachers Jenny Conway and Sian Morgan show how the ...
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins Improving Boys' Literacy in Wales - Y Pant Comprehensive School
    Staff at Y Pant Comprehensive School in Pontyclun, South Wales, share their strategies for improving boys' literacy. Assistant head Helen Jones, and class teachers Andrew Hurley and Gareth Howells, demonstrate in class the importance of choosing appropriate ...
    No Subtitles
  • 15 mins KS3/4 English - Studying Sherlock Holmes
    This programme offers three levels of engagement with a Sherlock Holmes short story, with a particular focus on the book The Red-Headed League. In The Magic of Sherlock Holmes, well-known author Philip Ridley shares his enthusiasm for the Sherlock Holmes ...
    No Subtitles
  • 6 mins Reading Improvement
    Part of the series Lessons from Chile
    Reading specialists explain how a revised curriculum has dramatically improved reading standards and literacy skills at both primary and secondary levels.
    No Subtitles
  • 8 mins An Overview
    Part of the series Lessons from Chile
    The first of six films about Chile's education system and the significant improvements the country has been making in its reading results, this video gives an overview of the changes made over the past two decades.
    No Subtitles