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A Victorian Diary
A Victorian Diary is part of a series showing life in Victorian times. Events are reported by fictional character Maggie Johnson and by other characters she meets, providing different perspectives. This series would help develop literacy skills.
A World of Maths
Bringing maths to life by showing its application in many situations. Students are set intriguing mathemetical puzzles to encourage broader thinking.
A Year in the Life of an NQT
This series, in three instalments, documents a year in the life of NQT Helen Fuller, an English teacher at the City Academy, Bristol.
Aboriginal Voices from the Cape
A groundbreaking project to include unengaged pupils in learning uses film-making to great effect.
About Men
This Australian series re-evaluates men's role in modern society and looks at how it's constantly changing economically, culturally and practically.
Action! Teacher Video
Teachers discuss what they've discovered through using video. Experts and other educators consider how can it help with observation, inspire new ways of approaching subjects, and open up the learning process.
Action! Teacher Video - UK/India
Fascinating videos made by teachers from four schools in India and the UK which showcase examples of their classroom practice. The series is part of a British Council project to share practice and enrich the curriculum through international connections.
Acts of Collective Worship
See how other schools are bringing their acts of collective worship to life, some through the use of ICT, others through involving pupils in an innovative way.
Advice Shop
Advice Shop offers help and advice to teachers on managing their financial and workload problems. This is an enhanced series, providing extra video and resources incorporated into the player.
Aim Higher
Aimhigher is about helping students to university. In this series, we hear what the initiative means to a variety of pupils, at primary and secondary schools.
All About Us: Living and Growing
A series for primary pupils which gently introduces the concepts of puberty, love and sex in a way which encourages respect for others and a positive attitude to relationships.
All Change
Putting school and classroom design at the heart of learning: how to get inspired, make significant changes affordably and improve the immediate environment with style.
Amazing History
Discover the secrets of ancient civilizations, how Roman gladiators lived, and what it took to become a Viking warrior in this fun and information-packed series for use in KS2 history lessons.
Anatomy of a Lesson
What makes a lesson work well? Educational experts dissect real class examples to find best practice and show how to keep pupils hooked.
Animated Tales of the World
Some of the world's best animations help to convey universal issues in creative and thought-provoking ways.
APP - How Does It Work?
APP is explored in this series, with reflections from teachers on what they've learned, applying APP and how it works.
A look at how schools of different faiths focus their assemblies, allowing creative interpretations of a whole range of subjects.
Aventuras Vascas
This Spanish series follows the adventures of two British students staying in the Basque country. As they learn more of the language, they also discover a different way of life.
Barwood and Flint Investigate
The high-profile educational specialists examine educational challenges and suggest resolutions on issues ranging from attitudes to learning to bad Ofsted reports.
Bayley on Behaviour - Establishing the Ground Rules
Behaviour expert, John Bayley, observes a series of excellent lessons delivered by top teachers, who each demonstrate how their individual behaviour management style produces results.
Bayley's Behaviour for NQTs
NQTs get support from behaviour expert John Bayley, as he observes them in the classroom and helps them tackle behaviour issues.
Bayley's Behaviour for TAs
John Bayley offers TAs and teachers advice on working together and managing their classes to control behaviour, gaining the pupils' attention and respect in the process.
Beautiful Physics
Cutting-edge developments in physics as seen by those on the front line - young, award-winning scientists.
Becoming an Academy
Following the progress of two outstanding schools who have gone through the process of becoming one of the new style of academies, through video diaries that monitor and reveal how staff, leaders and pupils are coping with the changes.
Behave to Learn with Bayley
The latest thinking on behavioural issues with practical, effective advice from expert, John Bayley.
Better Learning with ICT
An enhanced video series to help you improve your knowledge of using ICT in the classroom
Bodyscapes explores the human body and world around us in microscopic detail, using clever imaging techniques that offer fascinating close ups and scientific insight.
Boost Your Teaching
Find out how you can shake up your teaching with experts from a range of fields sharing their tips for you to use in the classroom, covering everything from using your voice to digital photography.
Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap follows primary and secondary schools across the country, observing how different approaches have succeeded in raising attainment levels in areas where poverty, ethnicity and lack of parental engagement have proved problematic in the past
Brit Camp
An exploration of the issues of nationality and citizenship: can divisions be overcome and stereotypes destroyed?
Building Wonders
Some of the greatest design feats engineered by man are examined and explained by archaeologist, Julian Richards.
Using interviews with pupils who have been bullied, these lesson and assembly starters for both primary and secondary cover verbal, physical and cyberbullying, and show the real and lasting effects of bullying.
The latest developments in employment within education. Areas include what kind of pension can you expect, how can you breathe new life into your career, and what's new in CPD.
Ceri Evans' Masterclass
The award-winning teacher examines some fundamental subjects from a different perspective in order to open them up to learners.
Changing Teachers
What can we learn from other country's educational principles? And what can we share with other nations? Follow an inspiring exchange of ideas.
Changing World
With global warming an ever increasing concern, Changing World looks at our planet and asks questions about the changes taking place, from earthquakes, changing landscapes and the atmosphere.
Chef Challenge
Chefs Michael Coaker and Peter Vaughan take culinary trips to schools across the country, sharing and demonstrating their food knowledge. The sessions culminate in a grand meal for all. often created with home-grown produce.
Chez Mimi
Madame Mimi, the cantankerous concierge of an apartment block, and her eccentric friends pack the fun into learning to parlez Francais.
Children's Centres
Find out how the managers of different children's centres use a range of leadership styles and techniques to support their staff and encourage collaborative practice with health professionals.
Classroom Observation with Bayley
The education expert helps teachers on the ground, sharing techniques to guide them towards effective resolutions.
Classroom Swap
What better way to learn on your feet? Watch as teachers exchange roles and learn some key lessons.
Climate Challenge
Explore the hot topic of climate change across the world, and learn how other countries are striving to combat the growing problem, using strategies including offsetting carbon emissions and reducing the use of fossil fuels.
Community Challenge
What happens when educators and pupils get out into the world? Some inspiring stories illustrate the merit in getting out of the classroom.
Community Cohesion through School Partnerships
Primary and secondary schools form links to other institutions, both within the UK and internationally, to promote community cohesion.
Conflict on a Local Scale
Controversial issues and conflicts within the UK are explored, ranging from the third Heathrow runway to clashes between local communities and supermarkets, in this series for KS3/4 geography.
Consequences of Conflict
Discover the economic, environmental and social consequences of conflicts, including poverty, refugees and the cost of conflict in Afghanistan, in a series for KS3/4 geography and global citizenship.
CPD Through Cluster Groups
Discover how working in cluster groups has helped schools and LAs support CPD for staff, from supporting NQTS to helping teachers attain Masters degrees
Crime Scene Investigation
Teachers at Wylde Green Primary School in the West Midlands plan an innovative project to engage and excite pupils in science by constructing a real life crime scene investigation. The pupils learn about DNA fingerprinting and collecting evidence.
Culture Fix
A comprehensive and wide-ranging series for secondary students looking at different aspect of culture, including the first world war poets, car design, and digital art.
Dealing with Violent and Aggressive Behaviour
Teachers and experts provide advice for secondary teachers, TAs and support staff on how to manage angry pupils in a variety of school situations, using short dramas to show behaviour management advice and tips.
Demonstrating Chemistry
Fireworks, exploding cola bottles, dry ice and exploding eggs - bring spectacular experiments into your classroom with these resources and ideas for secondary lessons
We follow two multi-school consortia as they work within the government framework to develop subject-based learning. They set up work-experience packages to offer applied learning in the workplace plus courses to develop interpersonal skills.
Disability Equality
Find out what schools need to do under disability equality laws in this series which clearly lays out schools' obligations, and offers advice and ideas for helping disabled pupils in school, from mobility and PE to beating bullying.
DIY Whiteboard Primary Music Animations
Fun, engaging animations to help early years and KS1 pupils get to grips with the concepts of beats and rhythm in music.
DIY Whiteboard Secondary Science Animation
For use in class, these visual only clips offer educationalists some original material for the whiteboard
From multi-sensory approaches to classroom layout, find out some simple and effective ideas to support pupils with dyslexia
From a whole school approach to classroom advice, find tips to help you embed e-safety across the primary curriculum.
Early Reading
The progression of pupils learning to read is documented through the eyes of their teacher.
Early Years in Action
Early Years in Action visits different areas across the UK, taking a look at how some schools deal with a range of issues, from the childrens' physical learning environment, healthy eating and developing personal, social and emotional skills.
Early Years Workshop
Sheila Sage, a primary adviser with responsibility for early years in Worcestershire, leads discussions on matters such as childminding techniques, learning through play and listening to young children.
Earth from Above
An objective view of our planet - and our effects upon it - with extraordinary film from all over the world, which monitors the current state of biodiversity.
Ease the Load
Real-life examples of how to manage your workload efficiently and productively, while improving your work/life balance.
Eat Better, Do Better
The science behind healthy food and why it's crucial to consider what pupils eat, plus clever ideas to transform school meals and encourage heathy eating.
Education USA
Broadcaster Peter Curran tours America to examine how the nation tackles its education issues, from the No Child Left Behind initiative to getting business involved with schooling.
Election 2010 - Testing the Parties
School staff quiz MPs from the three major political parties on their education policies, in a pre-election debate hosted by Mike Baker.
Engineering in Science
From interactive smart floors to testing golf clubs and using motion capture to help athletes win medals; find out how cutting-edge engineering is used in science in this series for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 lessons
Enterprise Education
Find out how a selection of schools across England have incorporated enterprise into education. Discover the skills and approaches used and its success.
Equality and Diversity in FE
Looking at how colleges and schools can turn diversity and equality policies into practice, three colleges share the strategies they have successfully adopted.
Essential First Aid Updates
Six excellent first aid programmes, designed to provide up-to-date information and advice regarding basic life support. The areas covered include CPR, the recovery position, choking and wounds.
Estelle Morris Meets
Baroness Morris of Yardley asks some key thinkers about their attitudes to education, from their own experiences through to the bigger concepts that engage them.
Estelle Morris Meets Women in Education
Former education secretary Morris talks to the women who are making a difference to the shape of education today and asks if we're doing the best we can for children.
Eureka! Here Come the Vikings
The Norse world is uncovered, and many entrenched myths dispelled, through excavation and archaeological evidence.
Extra French
This sitcom-style French language series is high on humour and fun and the programmes offer a really engaging way to absorb more of the language.
Extra German
This sitcom-style German language series is high on humour and fun and the programmes offer a really engaging way to absorb more of the language.
Extra Spanish
This sitcom-style Spanish language series is high on humour and fun and the programmes offer a really engaging way to absorb more of the language.
EYFS Professional Knowledge
Looking at early years' development and finding out from experts in the field how we we can learn from other countries' practices, as regards children's wellbeing and the curriculum.
EYFS Today
EYFS practitioners show how they work to support the education and wellbeing of children from birth to six, supporting the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.
Faith in Action
Moral and ethical issues and the way different belief systems view certain dilemmas are investigated here, with thoughts from Buddhists, Christians and Hindus.
FE: Skills for Life in Context
An examination of the life skills needed for various careers, seen through the eyes of recent school-leavers on the job.
FE: Teaching for the Future
We follow various teachers who aim to make their lessons as inclusive and engaging as possible, with the help of the input of mentors.
Film It, Share It
Be inspired to pick up a video camera to film your classroom and share good practice with other teachers online, in this series full of ideas to get the cameras rolling
The Finns' excellence in education is inspiring. A British teacher visits to learn from their experience, and sees learning by doing, smaller classes and mutual respect making a huge impact.
Follow the Learner
A series of programmes looking at a week of schooling from the perspective of four Year 8 students.
Food Labels
An information-packed series explaining the legal, health and marking aspects of food labeling for KS3/4 students, including how labels and brands affect buying choices.
Form Tutors
Watch two different approaches to the role of Form Tutor
From Good to Outstanding
Follow teachers as they try to improve their skills. Will they manage to teach an outstanding lesson? Watch the full videos of their journeys, then join the discussion group to share your thoughts.
Future School
The £60-million Hadley Learning Community is described as a school of the future. This series watches their four-year development up to opening, considers the pros and cons of PFI and whether they have 'raised the bar'.
Gay to Z
Pupils tell their stories about being lesbian, gay, or bisexual and how it affects their place in the world. It also covers homophobia and being brought up by same-sex parents.
GCSE Business Studies
Designed for GCSE Business Studies students, this series takes a look at how businesses are set up and run, including a curry sauce business and the fair-trade chocolate company, Divine.
GCSEase: Hot Wired
The Hot Wired series examines six exciting contexts, such as round the world yacht racing and sportswear production, to discover the crucial role ICT in the world around us.
GCSEase: Real Science
How does science work in the real world? See how the SARS virus can be contained, why we can ride rollercoasters at lightning speed yet stay safe, and how a forensic scientist forms a conclusion - and much more.
Genetics and Medicine
Secondary science students can discover fascinating research into breast cancer, heart conditions, and more, as well as the related ethical and social issues.
Get Physical (Primary)
Dame Kelly Holmes introduces some landmark initiatives to help primary school pupils become more active throughout the day. Learn how other schools have motivated their younger children and which bright ideas are most popular.
Get Physical (Secondary)
National School Sports Champion, Kelly Holmes, introduces some landmark initiatives to help school pupils become more active. Learn how other schools have motivated their children and which bright ideas have got them moving.
Get That Job
Get tips on how to boost your teaching career and move up the career ladder, from writing personal statements, to tips for interviews.
Getting Ahead with Gladeana
Life coach Gladeana McMahon gives advice on job applications and preparation for interviews.
Getting Motivated with Gladeana
Life coach, Gladeana McMahon, offers tips and advice on how to stay motivated in your role and maintain a good work/life balance.
Getting Out of the Classroom
Experience other schools' educational trips. We discover what went well, what really impacted on the children and why learning outside the confines of the school is so important.
Global Conflict
Covering global citizenship and geography, this series for KS3/4 students examines conflicts arising over land and precious resources, as well as terrorism and how to tackle it.
Global Issues
Find out about some of the issues affecting the entire planet in this engaging documentary series for KS4 students. From economic globalisation to women's rights - a whole range of issues are covered in an accessible way.
Going Green
Going Green follows Castle Vale Primary School in Oxfordshire, as the staff and pupils go to great efforts to become more environmentally friendly. They install a wind turbine, recyle and switch off lights, to save money and energy resources.
Going to School in India
This multi-award winning series highlights the diversity of education in India, where the classroom can be in a remote monastery, a desert tent or a busy city school.
Good Practice
Good Practice examines different methods employed in schools to encourage students to enjoy, improve and gain confidence in their reading and writing abilities.
Great Children's Writers
Distinguished children's writers talk to Key Stage 2 primary pupils about their work, including where they get inspiration from and the process of writing a story from start to finish.
Great Green Schools
Primary and secondary schools within the UK demonstrate how they have embraced environmental issues, by incorporating them into the curriculum, and explain the approaches they have taken
Great Primary Lesson Ideas
Lots of ideas for creating fun and engaging lessons for primary aged children. You can also watch Great Secondary Lesson Ideas.
Great Secondary Lesson Ideas
Teachers demonstrate inspirational KS3/4 lesson ideas, offering comprehensive resources including lessons plans and tips for you to use in class. You can also watch Great Primary Lesson Ideas.
Greatest Hour
What should I watch first? Get some guidance from exceptional educators and presenters on the channel, who choose their favourite programmes.
Leading educational thinkers set out their vision for the future of our schools in a series of lectures. Subjects include teaching how to learn rather than just imparting knowledge, why we have to make broad changes and the role of creativity in learning.
Handling The Media
Handling The Media looks at how a selection of schools utilise the media in different situations and for varying purposes, such as recruiting new staff over the radio, employing a press officer for a school's promotion and dealing with tragedies.
Hard To Teach
These videos demonstrate a number of unique and innovative approaches to teaching some tricky topics.
Head Business with Jo Owen
Businessman and leadership expert, Jo Owen, takes a close look at four schools, offering help and advice to their headteachers. These schools face a range of issues, from high staff turnover, planning for the future and acquiring higher numbers of pupils.
Head for Success
A school is only as good as its staff, so how do you recruit and retain the best in the industry? What can be done to reward and motivate key staff?
Heads Greatest Hour
Five headteachers and deputy heads pick a selection of videos that have been inspiring, relevant or useful to them in their respective schools.
Healthier Living
Find out about the most innovative initiatives to boost the health of pupils from around the country.
Hennings Haus
Eccentric character, Henning, sets children puzzles to solve in this fun series for beginners in German.
Hot Management
Brilliant ideas from the frontline - from a website that helps new students in transition from primary to secondary school to a primary school that has reinvented itself as a town.
Hot Research
What can we learn from the latest research findings? Discover if dyslexia is more to do with hearing than seeing, why so many questions in the classroom are not challenging enough, and much more.
How Am I Different?
Children share their personal stories and reveal the challenges that make their lives unusual. Their fortitude and resilience is inspiring.
How Do They Do It In...?
What can we learn from other countries' teaching methods, education system and classroom experiences? Alongside sharing some interesting ideas, these programmes teach much about different cultures and ways of living.
How Science Works
Climate change, the worst sounds in the world, self-lubricating skis and more: contemporary scientists and educational experts come together in an exciting approach to the most challenging aspects of GCSE science.
How Stressed is Your School?
This series follows a world-first scientific investigation into work-related stress among staff. They are measured by taking a questionnaire, DNA and cortisol tests and then discuss the findings and ways to improve quality of life at the school.
Human Rights with Cherie Booth QC
The lawyer and human rights expert works with teachers to expand their legal literacy and knowledge of rights and legal processes.
Human Scale Schools
How do you introduce a sense of belonging to a vast modern school? Can small schools be amalgamated into a larger establishment? Do smaller schools miss out on bigger opportunities? These and other questions are pondered.
ICT for the Non-Specialist
Find out what the web and computers can do for you. Ideas on how to embrace the technology to make learning easier and get pupils excited about what they can achieve online.
Improving GCSE Results
Watch as other schools turn their performance around, or keep up exceptional standards, in various subjects. What does it take to bring in better results?
In Search Of Giants
Ex-pop musician and physicist, Brian Cox, shares his passion for particles, the sub-atomic world and quantum mechanics. And he makes it comprehensible too!
In-School Variation
At look at how other schools are successfully addressing the challenging issue of in-school variation, including helping departments work together and using student feedback to help improvement.
Independent Learning
Independent learning consultant, Jackie Beere, finds out how schools have implemeted independent learning frameworks and techniques, and offers advice and guidance to the teachers.
Industrial Ingredients
Delve into the world of mass processed foods, take a close look at additives and the laws relating to them, and discover current trends within the food industry, with these videos for KS3/4 food technology lessons.
See different ways to open up learning for all, including teaching parents ICT skills, and interlinking different curriculum areas under a general theme.
Inside Maths
An engaging series for use in KS4 maths lessons, where presenters Fran and Dave use their maths skills to solve everyday problems.
Inside Science
A wide-ranging and engaging science series for KS4 pupils, that looks at themes including micro-organisms, solar power and forensic analysis.
Inspecting The Inspectors
Some experienced teachers turn the tables on the inspectors and suggest better ways of evaluating progress and achievement.
Inspirational CPD Training
In association with organisations such as the TDA, this series showcases the work of inspirational and effective CPD leaders who really make a difference to staff learning in schools.
Inspiring stories about school projects that make a difference
Inspiring Learning with Mick Waters
Mick Waters, former director of curriculum at the QCA, shares moments of inspired learning with viewers. He talks about each clip and suggests how teachers might use similar approaches to create successful lessons.
International School Leadership
Filmed in partnership with the British Council, these videos tell the story of schools involved in the Connecting Classrooms programme and feature partnerships between headteachers from the UK, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.
Intervention Strategies
This series follows schools where early intervention strategies are helping pupils improve their performance, at both primary and secondary, using maths forums, sweets and breakfast clubs.
Interviewing Staff
A panel of former headteachers offer their expertise and guidance on conducting interviews when hiring new staff.
Je suis un Rockstar
Three young hopefuls complete a work experience placement as fixers for indie band The Wombats, putting their French, German and Spanish skills to the test.
Joined Up Design for Schools
The Sorrell Foundation's initiative to involve pupils in their school's redesign has been massively popular, teaching pupils many skills as well as reinventing their physical surroundings.
Jonny Heeley's Masterclass
The fun is palpable in these programmes showing Heeley's hands-on teaching of some maths masterclasses. Leaves teaching from the front way behind...
Junk Food Science - News Report
Find classroom resources and CPD videos for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 PSHE and science lessons on healthy eating and nutrition, based on a fictional TV news report, announcing a proposed ban on under 16s eating junk food.
Junk Food Science - Role Play
Find out how other teachers used the News Report video to teach Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils about the links between diet and health, with CPD case studies and classroom video resources.
Junk Food Science - Snack Bar
Get Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils thinking about the connections between health and diet with this set of science classroom resources and CPD videos about whether a fictional snack bar should be banned, licensed or endorsed.
Just for Governors
Useful information, advice, and discussion especially for governors
Just for New Governors
New governors and an expert in the field demonstrate the nature of the role, who they're accountable to and what they hope to achieve.
Find out how a maths and english department have incorporated APP into the KS3 curriculum.
KS3 New Curriculum
KS3 New Curriculum investigates the changes in the curriculum, how schools have revised it to suit their needs and the impact on staff and pupils.
This BAFTA-nominated, RTS award-winning interactive drama series, is designed for use in PSHE, English and drama. Pupils can take part by voting on the web about dilemmas that affect how the story proceeds and interacting with the characters.
La Tienda de Luis
Luis, and his bonkers Aunt Maria, run a shop in Oviedo. Their everyday adventures with the children who frequent the tienda help to introduce and explain the basics of the Spanish language.
Leadership and Technology
Two schools share their success stories of effectively using ICT across the school. Longfield's A-Level and GCSE results have dramatically improved since the changes and Lent Rise has become a learning hub for the broader community.
Leadership Toolkit
Experts work with school leadership teams to help them bring effective change to their schools, from boosting fundraising to writing School Improvement Plans.
Learning From the News
Find short, topical classroom resources designed for use with primary and secondary pupils, based on the latest news. With a new classroom resource added every weekday, the videos are accompanied by curriculum-based lesson plans, covering Key Stage 1 to 4
Learning Outside the Classroom
From bird watching to growing food on school grounds, find out how outdoor learning and cross-curriculum activities can work together.
Learning Skills
Exploring some of the less conventional approaches to teaching, and the impact they can have on pupils' attainment.
Learning Through Play
Find out how teachers at a Welsh primary school are finding new ways to encourage early years learning by using the outside environment and non-traditional methods.
Lesson on a Plate
Lesson on a Plate presents imaginative lessons, with resources provided to help you bring the ideas into your classroom. If you've tried the lessons, you can share your experiences in the discussion group.
Lesson Planning
A series of lesson plans delivered by experienced teachers, covering English, science, maths and humanities, looks at lesson planning tips, resources and ideas for improvement.
Lesson Planning Pack - Algebra
This comprehensive primary maths lesson planning pack makes algebra fun and easy to understand, using examples of when formuale can be very helpful in the real world.
Lesson Planning Pack - Dance
Innovative and inspiring ideas for using dance in PE lessons, as well as for cross-curricular teaching, including history and physics.
Lesson Planning Pack - Electricity
Inspire your primary pupils with engaging lessons about electricity with this lesson planning pack, including lesson ideas, lesson starters and teacher notes
Lesson Planning Pack - Fractions
Fun primary maths ideas for teaching fractions, using pizza slices and discounts in supermarkets for demonstration purposes
Lesson Planning Pack - History
Bring the history of the Second World War to life with these lesson planning packs, full of resources you need to teach Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils
Lesson Planning Pack - Light
Help Key Stage 2 pupils understand light and how it travels by using this primary lesson planning pack including CPD resources and video lesson starters
Lesson Planning Pack - Literacy
Fun takes on the Cinderella story and becoming character detectives can all help primary pupils become engaged with literacy and writing. Find video starters and lesson ideas to get pupils thinking in this lesson planning pack
Lesson Planning Pack - Media
Get primary pupils inspired by their literacy lessons through using films to help them understand narrative and structure
Lesson Planning Pack - Problem-solving
Help Key Stage 2 pupils get to grips with problem solving in maths lessons, with this CPD resource, primary lesson idea, and two lesson starters to use in your lesson planning
Lesson Planning Pack - Writing Non-Fiction
A primary series for teachers demonstrating how to teach pupils how to write non-fiction, with resources suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 lessons
Lesson Refreshers
Teachers Dan Edwards and Nathan Human, dramatise some fun techniques to help produce a creative learning environment in the classroom.
Lessons From Alberta
A look at how Canada's Alberta education model works, and how this could change the way the curriculum works in England
Lessons from Beyond the Classroom
What can teachers learn from other professions? The Navy, the police and a performing arts expert help school teachers to expand their repertoire.
Lessons from Chile
The recent PISA results showed that Chile had made remarkable progress in the teaching of reading. Discover how curriculum changes in Chilean schools have helped transform the approach to teaching reading and literacy skills at both primary and secondary.
Life Stuff
A wide range of videos to use with your PSHE or Citizenship students
Literacy: The Whole Story
Literacy programmes for leaders, teachers and support staff on how to bring the subject alive, from alphabet work and phonics through to spelling strategies, listening and responding and interpreting texts. For early years through to KS3.
Looked-After Children
New ways to ensure that looked-after children get the support and opportunities they need to get the most from education.
Lost Boys
Twelve troubled teenagers are given an ultimatum: complete the 'Youth to Men' course for young criminals or go to juvenile detention. This inspiring series follows the trials they face and how the tough course turns out to be a lifeline for some.
Magic of Making
Discover how glass bottles are made, water is cleaned and metal is scrapped, as well as learning what is involved in brewing beer?
Manage That Class with Sue Cowley
Sue Cowley coaches primary and secondary school teachers, via concealed cameras and earpieces. From her observations, Sue is then able to offer advice, support and possible behavioural soutions.
Managing Capital Projects
This series looks at two schools' approaches to their capital projects. A Coventry school builds a new sixth form centre and completes an award-winning refurbishment of the school toilets. ICT hardware is heavily invested in at the second and last school.
Managing School Networks
Everything you need to know about network learning communities, as told by the experts. Find out about how pooling resources and knowledge opens up new ways to teach and to learn.
Marketing: Research and Segmentation
Why do businesses use market research and segmentation? Here, the pros and cons are explained, along with clear descriptions of key marketing terminologies in as series for use in KS3/4 lessons.
Masters Research - Teacher Video
Learn more about the work involved in Masters practitioner research, through the work of four teachers who are using video to record their findings, and receiving feedback on their progress from their course lecturer.
Maths 4 Real
The series offering practical help with major topics in GCSE Maths
Maths For All
Maths For All demonstrates how secondary maths can be taught successfully when it is made applicable to real life. 3D maths, geometry, games and number puzzles are all brought to life in imaginative ways.
Maths Mansion
A television adventure game for 9- to 11-year olds. You are trapped in a gothic mansion by Bad Man until you can successfully crack the maths challenges
Meteorite Survivors
A series of short videos looking at how different plant and animal species survived and adapted in the wake of the catastrophic meteorite impact on Earth 65 million years ago.
Mick Waters Drops In
The former QCA director of curriculum visits primary and secondary schools, where he talks to staff and pupils about their learning, and contributes to lessons by drawing on his years of experience.
Mike Baker Meets
Journalist and educational specialist, Mike Baker, meets some big names in the field of education to ask them about their own schooling and what they think would improve the nation's schools.
Nature Inc
A natural history series for KS4 students that puts an economic price on what nature provides for free, explaining complex issues in an easy to understand way.
Need to Know
Need to Know is your guide to education hot topics. For the latest on the coalition government's policies, including free schools, pay and academies, try our Need to Know Updates series.
Need to Know Updates
Find out everything you need to know about the latest education policies with our weekly updates on the plans of the coalition government and the Department for Education
New Heads
Watch as Wanda Noakes takes over the role of headteacher at Daubeney Primary School, Hackney. She struggles with staffing problems, poor SATS results and low standards but manages to achieve a much happier atmosphere in just 15 months.
New Heads: What Do I Do Now?
How is it best to cope with the huge responsibility of running a school? Follow three new heads as they cope with the loneliness, leadership challenges and developing long-term strategy with the help of educational coaches.
New School, New Technology
Follow the creation of a new primary school, as the headteacher and staff use ICT to involve parents and pupils in the changes and set themselves the challenge of embedding technology across the school.
New Secondary Curriculum
This series explores the impact and changes that the new secondary curriculum will bring to schools around the country.
One to One Tuition
Examples of one-to-one tution in practice in secondary schools
Painting With Numbers
Mathematician, Professor Marcus du Sautoy, explores the universe of numbers - the common language of the world. Where did zero come from? What is infinity? What are codes? What does maths have to do with the head of a pint of beer?
Parents' Guide
Watch some enlightening discussions about what's going on in the education system, new developments in the curriculum and how parents can get more involved in their child's learning.
Passing the QTS Numeracy Test
Get help with the QTS Numeracy Skills Test for trainee teachers with short videos looking at the topics that cause the most trouble, including interpreting and using statistical information and mental arithmetic skills.
Peer Mentoring
See the Peer Mentoring Project in action, where it is used to address issues such as isolation bullying, exam pressure, racism and more. The process can be mutually beneficial for mentor and mentee.
Peer Observation with Bayley
John Bayley shows how peer observation can promote professional development and bring new ideas to the classroom.
Personal Finance Education
From budgeting a family day out to staging a fundraising disco, these videos from Teachers TV and the Financial Services Authority provide ideas and support for teaching primary and secondary personal finance.
Phil Beadle's Masterclass
Phil Beadle works with groups of Year 10 students in poetry masterclasses, using interactive and memorable methods to help the students really understand the power of verse.
Political Assassination
The life, works and assassinations of three prominent figures in history is explored in this series.
Portraits of Progress
Portraits of Progress follows four schools' achievement, looking at the reasons behind underachievement, such as English sometimes being a second language. The Stickman model is used and we see how an East London school's environment encourages learning.
Pride and Privilege
A look at the lives of teachers and pupils at one of Scotland's most prestigious schools, Glenalmond College
Primary Framework
The Primary Framework series looks at topics that are difficult to teach and visits schools which have been identified for their excellent practices in these areas. What can we learn and implement?
Primary ICT SOS
A beginners guide on how to use ICT in the classroom, with a specific look at science, literacy, numeracy and storytelling.
Primary ICT Whiteboard
This programme shares clever ideas to use on your interactive whiteboard when teaching. How do you make the most of this resource? What can you do once you master the basics? The potential is endless and can help accelerate learning.
Primary Lesson Starters
Find short starter clips for use on interactive whiteboards in your classroom, covering primary maths, science, French, history, and literacy
Primary Management
What's new in the world of running a successful primary school? The programmes follow the successes of various establishments considering issues like using assertive discipline, the role of the bursar and much more.
Primary Middle Managers
More and more staff are becoming leaders - but what are the best ways of balancing autonomy and accountability? This series considers distributed leadership, coaching, self-assessment and more.
Primary NQTs
Follows the biggest learning curve in the profession as various NQTs begin their careers and face new challenges as well as new rewards. What support can they access and how can they excel?
Primary Road Safety
Two schools show the methods and teachings staff and parents have adopetd to create a safer school environment, and a new attitude to road safety training.
Primary STEM Ambassadors
Discover how STEM subjects are introduced and supported in primary schools, when an engineer and a research scientist enter the classroom to encourage and inspire pupils.
Primary TAs
How to tame the computer, how to achieve the HLTA status, key ways to control pupil anger and many more practical and useful ideas for teaching assistants.
Professional Attributes
Professional Attributes focuses on coaching, mentoring and building teacher/pupil relationships, in a primary and secondary setting. Dramatised scenarios are analysed, as regards strained relationships, and mentors offer advice on teaching methods.
Professional Knowledge
Keep up-to-date with developments in your specialism, with information-packed videos outlining the latest research covering everything from neuroscience to early reading.
Professional Skills
Professional Skills deals with planning and preparation, independent learning and experimenting with classroom layout and see the results the schools have.
Progression in Primary Maths
An exploration into primary maths skills and methods, demonstrating good practice across the curriculum.
Proven to Work
Tried and tested methods to aid learning, backed by research from the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education
Raising Boys' Achievement
Two schools tackle the issue of boys' achievement using inventive methods, such as working with a football club to improve literacy skills. This series recognises the huge task of helping boys to achieve more and why they might not be.
Reading Aloud Christmas Treats
The Children's Laureate unwraps a selection of literary treats, including a rare and exclusive interview with Raymond Briggs, creator of The Snowman, and a visit to Dickens' house.
Reading Aloud with Michael Rosen
The Children's Laureate delves further into the literary world, sharing gems from Hans Christian Anderson, Roald Dahl and award-winning authors and poets. Which books are good for the classroom and which ones do the panels think are worthy of attention?
Ready To Learn?
Watch as this nationwide experiment looking at the effect of nutrition, exercise and sleep on pupil's readiness to learn comes to some significant conclusions.
Research and Development in SEN
Exploring the work of educational researchers who aim to improve teacher training by developing projects relevant to Special Educational Needs.
Resource Review (Primary)
Useful classroom resources reviewed by teachers, pupils and subject experts, with presenter Hermione Cockburn. We also have Secondary Resource Reviews
Resource Review (Secondary)
Whether you're looking for the latest publication or the most applicable piece of software, we test out our selected resources with real teachers in real primary schools across the country. We also have Primary Resource Reviews
Rosen's Poetry Attic
Michael Rosen introduces the five key elements of poetry - rhyme, rhythm, imagery, sound and wordplay - in an engaging and visual way, suitable for KS2 and KS3 pupils.
RSA Lectures
The public lecture series covering contemporary issues debates some big ideas: are our children overprotected, can there be a kind of public morality that extends beyond the state, what might learning look like in the year 2016? These and other key though
Sabrina Broadbent's Masterclass
Some year 10 students get underneath the skin of Shakespeare, and learn "the many dramatic possibilities of the handkerchief", amongst many other analytical skills.
NSPCC education advisor, John Stead, safeguarding experts, and primary and secondary teachers, discuss how to spot the signs of abuse and neglect, in order to better protect children.
Save Money
Bridgid Nzekwu and Department for Education procurement expert Claire Dicks team up to find ways of cutting costs in schools, covering everything from energy-saving measures and revising catering contracts to collaborative purchasing.
School Councils
The pupils have their say on how their school is run through differing set-ups. Which organisation is most effective and what can be learned from other schools' efforts?
School Days
Some well-known politicians discuss their schooling and how it has affected their lives and outlook. What was the most important thing they learned and did their school or home lives have the bigger political influence?
School Dilemmas
School Dilemmas is a community resource focusing on commonly experienced issues for educators, offering advice, knowledge and good practice tips.
School Improvement
A look at the ways in which a selection of schools have made significant improvements, from refurbishments to a change in ethos.
School Matters
Documentaries relating to school improvement and other topical issues.
School Stories
Stories, strategies and inspiring examples from schools found around the world, from teacher training in Sweden, preparing students for university in Turkey, to a private school in Switzerland, and much more.
School Year
An event-based series that follows different schools as they move through the year. A trip abroad, a careers advice fair, plays a-plenty, parents' evenings - each school has a different approach and much to share.
Schools and Crime
This series considers restorative justice as an alternative to exclusion in order to keep kids away from crime. It evaluates the role of CCTV and examines methods to deter pupils from getting involved in gang culture.
Science in Focus: The Virtual Body
The Virtual Body concentrates on essential human biology. Areas covered include the circulatory, sensory, and immune systems, homeostasis and genetics.
Science of Food
The properties of different foods, and our reactions to them are examined in this series of short, engaging videos for use in KS2 and KS3 science lessons.
Science Tube
The fundamentals of science conveyed in refreshingly entertaining ways. Find out about bugs, fire, volcanoes, plants and everything in between.
Scientific Eye
Classroom resources covering the science curriculum at Key Stage 3
Secondary ICT Management
How can virtual learning really help in education, does it make the experience all-pervading and can comparing work online stimulate healthy competition among pupils?
Secondary ICT SOS
Some of the most common concerns about ICT are investigated here as well as some more unusual uses of computers at school. See how ICT can be used in cricket coaching, on a field trip to the seaside and more, in this problem-solving series.
Secondary Lesson Starters
From maths at the seaside to functional skills for engineering and hair and beauty diplomas, these short video lesson starters for secondary students present learning in a fun and relevant way.
Secondary Management
Behaviour management, keeping staff and pupils safe, mentoring and a whole lot more. Delve in for real-life examples and to learn from others' experiences on the frontline.
Secondary Middle Managers
More and more staff are becoming leaders - but what are the best ways of balancing autonomy and accountability? This series considers distributed leadership, coaching, and professional practice in general.
Secondary NQTs
Follows the biggest learning curve in the profession as various NQTs begin their careers and face new challenges as well as new rewards. What support can they access and how can they excel?
Secondary Pastoral Care
How to promote a sense of well-being in pupils, good practice in transition, how to spot tell-tale signs in body language and best ways to utilise peer and learning mentors.
Secondary Singing with Howard Goodall
The Sing Up Project, a successful primary initiative, is trialled at secondary level, giving music teachers and senior management both the inspiration and the know-how to get great singing happening in their schools.
Secondary STEM
Making engineering, science and maths accessible to secondary students through the Bloodhound SSC project, a British attempt to break the land speed record of 1000mph, with a look at the groundbreaking work behind the attempt.
Secondary Study Skills
Get tips and advice on developing study skills in secondary students in a series covering getting the best out of homework, online research, independent learning and effective and fun revision sessions.
Shakespeare Shorts
Witness the results as schools around the country respond to a BBC challenge to create a 60-second version of Shakespeare.
Sharing Your Great Practice
Presented by Charlotte Hume of Teachers TV News, Sharing Your Great Practice is a weekly competition that searches out the best of what's happening in schools across the country.
Skills Championships
Every two years young people who excel in vocational skills compete at WorldSkills, the global skills olympics. Watch as they fight it out to prove their excellence.
So You Want to be a Head
Think you've got what it takes to take the helm? Find out by watching these brave souls prepare themselves for a headship interview, with the help of leadership expert Jo Owen.
Social Enterprise
Some examples of enterprise education that focus on social projects to benefit the local community. What did the pupils learn and what will they take forward into the future?
Staffroom Confidential
Peter Curran chairs groups of top teachers who recount tales, both inspirational and frustrating, of bosses, colleagues and pupils who've made a profound impression on them.
Staffroom Monologues
This series of short plays based on winning scripts from the 2008 competition run by Teachers TV, in association with the National Union of Teachers, offers an alternate view of life in an educational environment, written by those who work within it.
Stage One Science: The Four Seasons
The Four Seasons series captures the essence of the changing year. The programmes illustrate what viewers can find in various habitats in each season, providing a basic understanding of the natural sciences.
Stage One Science: The Sensations
This series investigates the science behind each of the five senses, explaining how humans and animals use them, with engaging animation and film.
Stars Out of School
This series showcases the talents of teachers who do remarkable things outside of the classroom, including a champion table tennis player, a successful exhibitor of championship level dogs and a psychologist.
Starting in the Middle
In this series we follow two new heads of department throughout their crucial first summer term, gaining a fascinating and genuine insight into what it's like to "start in the middle".
STEM Career Role Models
Discover the impression made upon students when they meet some inspirational professionals, such as a planetary scientist and a spacecraft engineer.
STEM Subject Choice and Careers
This series looks at the kind of skills needed to work in STEM professions, examines the careers available and includes advice from research scientists, engineers and project managers.
Stress Relief for Heads
Does distributed leadership and delegating workload really reduce stress for headteachers? And can taking the emotion out of meetings make them more effective?
Stress Relief for Schools
An interesting and informative insight into the causes of stress and how it can be managed in schools.
Succeed at Interview
Teachers aiming for promotion get expert advice from coaches who share a range of strategies to help them secure their next job.
Support Staff: What Matters to You
A look at the challenges brought about by the changing role of support staff, including implementing the extended schools initiative. Plus, what opportunities do they have when it comes to professional development and taking on a wider range of duties?
Sustainability in California
What can be learned from the eco initiatives going on in California? Includes a look at Google's headquarters, San Diego Zoo, and a more positive attitude towards transport.
Swine Flu
Find out more about the swine flu pandemic. With expert opinion and advice from top UK scientists and sufferers of the virus.
Syria: Refugee Lives
With basic education free to all in Syria, teachers are responding to the challenge of teaching the large number of Iraqi refugee children and teenagers schools in Damascus.
Tackling Technology
Tackling Technology is a series exploring the evolution of technology and how it is used in modern society.
Talking Art
Talking Art interviews prominent figures in the art world about their work - ranging from architecture, film, sculpture and fine art - and looks at the influences and inspirations that lead to the final product.
Talking Point
This series provides a forum for teachers and parents to engage in passionate and honest debate about the issues that really matter to them. Can schools teach pupils what to eat? What's the point of homework? Are we doing enough about bullying?
TAs - Celebrity Haircut
Teaching Assistants from a secondary school in Leeds receive a celebrity makeover from hairdresser to the stars, Michael Douglas, and share their thoughts and feelings about the roles they play in school.
TAs Talk
Created by TAs and HLTAs, this series provides insights into their day-to-day roles with these short videos
Teacher Educators
Teacher Educators looks at ways of improving inclusion methods that benefit schools, through additional staff training, and also nurturing relationships between new teachers, mentors and universities.
Teacher Tune Up
Motivation and creativity consultant, Richard Gerver, helps three teachers with presentation style, relaxation techniques and confidence.
Teachers' Trade Secrets
A whole gamut of bright ideas from the chalkface! Whether you need to expand their vocabulary, build a classroom identity, or get the quiet quickly, these soundbite tips will inspire.
Teaching About the Holocaust
Examines good practice in teaching and learning about the Holocaust at KS3, including case studies of schools working with the Holocaust Education Development Programme run by the Institute of Education.
Teaching Astronomy and Space
Astronomers, cosmologists and planetary scientists explain what astronomy is, how they measure the distance between stars, and what the planets in our solar system are like in this series for KS3/4.
Teaching in Challenging Circumstances
Integrating EAL pupils, providing emotional support and encouraging good behaviour; see how teachers working in challenging circumstances are getting the best from their pupils
Teaching Out of the Box
Teaching Out of the Box challenges teams of teachers from different subject areas to come up with lesson plans, using mystery objects given to the in a box.
Teaching Support
Find CPD support across a range of primary subjects, as Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers share their techniques and tips.
Teaching the Future Today
This series investigates teaching e-safety, web literacy, website design, and computer programming to primary school children, in an effort to inform, inspire and advise.
Teaching with Bayley
The educational expert and behaviour consultant helps teachers raise their game by giving them pertinent advice specific to their situation. He covers praise, positive language, developing your persona... The aim is to "teach your socks off".
Teaching with Cowley
The behaviour management guru troubleshoots to show how to keep a cool head in the class, why the first 15 minutes of a class are crucial, why too many rules aren't a good thing and how not to pass your stress on to the class.
Ted Wragg Meets...
Some frank thoughts from those passionate about education, in discussion with the late educationalist and commentator with a gift for getting to the nub of things.
Teenage Love and Relationships
Teenagers talk about their experiences of love and relationships, in a series for Key Stage 3 and 4 PSHE lessons. Covering sensitive issues such as pregnancy and the pressure to have sex, the videos are designed to prompt discussion.
Teens in the Wild
Teens in the Wild challenges a group of teenagers to attend a scheme designed to tackle behavioural and confidence issues with surprising results.
The Bell
This series of chat shows, hosted with razor sharp wit by Peter Curran, brings some welcome entertainment to hardworking teachers. Including interviews with and education-based rants from some top stand-ups..
The Big Challenge
The Big Challenge follows enthusiastic teachers as they try their hand at some demanding challenges, from becoming chefs, training as folk dancers and being part of an air/sea rescue team.
The Big Debate
A series of lively debates on the subjects that get everybody a bit heated. Can you teach Britishness? Is the curriculum up to the job? What's the best form of assessment? Find out what teachers and experts think.
The Blue Dragon
A bear, woodpecker, vixen and beaver find an egg. When a blue dragon hatches out of it, they discover how to look after her and explore what it means to be alive, to belong and more in this animated science series.
The Brain
When is it best to learn certain things? What do the various parts of the brain actually do? Can we take things in even when we're not conscious? Experts explore our brains and answer these questions and many more.
The Challenge
Follow Gary Philips, headteacher of Lilian Baylis Technology School in south London, as he strives to improve GCSE results in a challenging secondary school.
The Children's Champion
Sir Al Aynsley Green, the children's commissioner for England, visits schools across the country to discuss with teachers ways of safe-guarding vulnerable children
The Common Core
One school shows how it has integrated the Common Core of Skills and Knowledge into everyday school life.
The Credit Crunch
Find out what caused the credit crunch in 2008, with the economic concepts behind the credit crunch explained, and real life examples showing its impact on unemployment and house prices.
The Dialog Project
Students from three schools in West Sussex come together for a project to learn about multicultural music and dance. Their hard work in rehearsals is shown off in a stage performance.
The Four Ages of Every Child
An examination of how the Every Child Matters scheme works across the four ages of a child's development. Which interventions are proving to be the most effective?
Teachers discuss tried and tested techniques for supporting pupils through exam preparation and coursework.
The Innovation Challenge
A project in East Manchester to raise attainment and aspiration sees three subject heads being given £2,500 to fund a project to help their pupils prepare for upcoming exams. But it has to be something never tried before. Can they do it?
The Jonathan Dimbleby Big Interview
Jonathan Dimbleby meets Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and finds out about his policies on education. Film and theatre director Richard Eyre is also interviewed and speaks to Jonathan about the role of the arts in education.
The Knife Crime Culture
A frank investigation into the growing problem of knife crime in England and Wales. What can the government and young people do to help reverse the trend and what part does the media play?
The Making of a Top Maths Department
Oaks Park High School in Essex has an outstanding maths department and this series looks at the strategies that lead to their success, such as setting targets and providing mentors. The importance of recreational maths is also highlighted.
The Number Crew
Realistic problem-solving scenarios are used to explain the basics of maths. In each episode, the crew encounters challenges that can only be overcome by finding out about a new area of maths.
The Primary A-Z of...
Primary teachers share their tried and tested strategies for success in the classroom, from group work to creativity and time management.
The Pupils A-Z of...
Pupils aged five to 15 share their views on school and education, covering what they think are the most important issues, from bullying and detentions, to what makes a good teacher.
The Scottish Experience
Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire authorities share their decade of experience teaching MFL in the primary sector. What are the particular needs and most effective teaching methods?
The Secondary A-Z of...
Secondary teachers share their tried and tested strategies for success in the classroom, from group work to creativity and time management.
The Teachers TV ITE Lectures
Lectures for trainee teachers, most of which are suitable for primary or secondary phases, which explore the challenges ahead. Find out what creative teaching really involves, how to inspire a true love of language and reading and much more.
The Teaching Challenge
Celebrities and experts brave the classroom to see what they can bring to education. This endlessly fascinating series demonstrated that some 'out there' thinking and a passion for a topic can really engage children.
The Turning Tide
A four-part series featuring some of the flora and fauna found around the coasts of Britain. A beautifully filmed visual resource, of particular value to teachers of science at Key Stage 2 and above.
The Witness
A look at some of the key moments of the 20th century as seen by the ordinary people who were there
The Word Machine
This series to be used in class helps make the learning of phonics more memorable and fun. They can be used as lesson starters, or to reinforce what has already been learnt.
They Didn't Teach Me That
This series seeks to find answers to the dilemmas faced by some new teachers. From marking to managing your time, experts give some top tips to make the school day easier.
They Filmed the War in Colour
Documentaries for using in the classroom composed of archive footage in colour focusing on important chapters of the Second World War.
Think Business
A selection of videos highlighting the attributes that help create a successful business, from looking at improving structuring to human resource management.
Thinking of Becoming an Academy
Find out what the change to academy status means for school leaders and governors, as four principals of successful academies offer their views on governance, budgets, inclusion, staff and admissions.
Time Savers
Clever ways to invest time to save time, from three educational gurus who know what really works.
Tips from the Top
Parents meetings, managing staff, school trips and more; find out how primary and secondary teachers are doing these things successfully, as they share their tips with Jo Parry
Top 10 on the Web
This series is a quick-fire run down of the ten best websites for teaching various subjects - researched, reviewed and ready to help you achieve more.
Top Tips for Trainee Teachers
Get ready for your teaching career with practical advice to use in your classroom, and top tips for getting ahead.
Travellers in Education
A look at the initiatives that have been introduced to tackle falling literacy levels and attendance in traveller children, including resources developed to make schools more inclusive environments and a move to celebrate the culture.
Troubled Minds
Powerful, BAFTA Award-winning, animations help to bring the concerns surrounding some serious psychological issues into focus. These real-life stories go to the heart of the matter, encouraging empathy and further discussion.
Two Schools in Nablus
This series documents the daily struggles of two schools in the West Bank, providing a unique insight into the pressures of life in Palestine under Israeli occupation.
Uncut Classrooms
The uncut series shows lessons from start to finish, providing a fresh insight into teaching with a real-time, real-action classroom.
Urban Engineering
Pioneering projects demonstrate sustainability in everything from insulating a nightclub to prevent sound pollution, to different methods of treating water.
Using Businesses
We examine the ways in which embarking upon a business venture and thinking in commercial terms at school can benefit students. Will this help them when they venture into the wide world?
Using Galleries
This series shows inspiring examples of the benefits of building a long-term relationship with a gallery. We see classes visit The Roald Dahl Children's Gallery and the National Gallery and what they gain from the experience.
Using Libraries
From your local library through to the British Library, there are resources and technologies out there to share for mutual benefit. The series also looks at how one school has used public archives to bring history to life.
Using Museums
Whether making trips out to local museums or having them come to you (The Museum in Transit project brings the experience to the school, for example) there are more benefits to this kind of interaction than first appears.
Using the Environment
Getting out into the local environment can throw up all sorts of educational opportunities. It can help children develop a range of geographical skills, and spark their interest in historical themes and ecological issues.
Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
What is it really like to be a soldier, a nurse, a pop star? Find out in this series of behind-the-scenes programmes that give a real feel for the ups and downs of many professions.
Vocational GCSEs
We see the qualification from the teachers' and pupils' perspectives. One teacher shows how the vocational aspect can be addressed in ways other than through work placements. Then we follow pupils, teachers and employers through a unit of the Customer Ser
Watch Us Grow
Watch us Grow focuses on schools that have transformed parts of their grounds into gardens for growing vegetables and flowers. As a result, the students become more involved with the community and benefit from learning outside of the classroom.
Weather and Climate
Three engaging videos for use in the classroom with KS3 geography pupils which explain how weather and climate affect our lives, from different professions to storms and climate change.
Weird Science
Short videos examining some of the odder aspects of science, using fun experiments to show the scientific causes behind some of the mysteries of our planet and our bodies.
Wellbeing at Work
Using re-enactments of real-life situations, a panel of experts talk about the scenarios and what the best course of action might be, offering guidance and advice for teachers in similar circumstances.
What Did You Do at School Today?
This series watches students in class and seeks to explain their development and issues to parents, with advice from an educational psychologist.
What If...?
Teachers and managers role-play challenging hypothetical situations to work out what the best response and actions might be. A panel discusses the implications and share their thoughts on best practice.
What is Marketing?
Marketing, its role in business, and how it is connected with finance, HR, branding, research and market analysis is explained in an easy to understand way for KS3/4 business studies students.
What To Do If...
Not sure what to do? Get advice on strategies to adopt and next steps to take, from a range of experts.
Women on the Front Line
This hard-hitting series looks at the abuse suffered by women across the world and aims to highlight the problems faced. From honour killings, rape and sex trafficking, we meet some of the brave women who have survived against the odds.
Working with Parents
See how parenting classes in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets work, in a series following classes in three locations, showing the challenges and successes of the programme.
Working with SIPs
Aimed at governors and school leaders, this series focuses on keeping children safe in school. It looks at different schools' safeguarding approaches, as well as the valuable role SIPs can play in implementing policy.
Worlds of Faith
This series explores the traditions, cultures and beliefs of religious communities all over the world from Animism to Judaism, Hinduism to Russian Orthodoxy. It also looks at multi-faith Britain and the future.
Worth the Trip
Check out the venue before you go. This series visits and recommends worthwhile and enjoyable venues for educational trips, giving you a chance to gauge whether a trip is right for your class.
Write an Opera
Watch as a group of 20 deaf students write and perform an opera. Then the boot's on the other foot. 24 teachers are challenged to write and complete an opera for the Royal Opera House in seven days.
Write Away!
Help seven to nine-year-olds develop writing their writing and literacy skills, from story writing to creating posters, with this series of engaging English videos