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Find out everything you need to know about the latest education policies with our weekly updates on the plans of the coalition government and the Department for Education

There are 15 videos in this series.

8 mins Education White Paper - Ofsted and Accountability
Looking at Ofsted and accountability, education journalist Mike Baker finds out what the November 2010 education white paper, The Importance of Teaching, will mean for schools.
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8 mins Education White Paper - Curriculum
Looking at the changes in store for the primary and secondary curriculum, journalist Mike Baker explores the coalition government's plans for education laid out in the November 2010 white paper.
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8 mins Education White Paper - Teacher Training
Find out what the government's November 2010 education white paper, The Importance of Teaching, means for teacher training and schools, as Mike Baker talks to education and union leaders.
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8 mins The Spending Review and Pupil Premium
Mike Baker looks at the implications of the government's comprehensive spending review and summarises the key points for all those involved in school finance, including a close look at the implications of the pupil premium.
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8 mins Academies in Detail
Mike Baker visits one of 32 schools to be granted academy status and finds out how things have changed for them.
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8 mins Education Policy at the Party Conferences
Mike Baker explores how Conservative and Liberal Democrat philosophy is shaping the coalition government policy on education, in a video on the latest education issues.
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8 mins Social Media
What are the policies schools can adopt to help ensure safe and responsible use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, by students and staff? Education journalist Michael Shaw visits schools and talks with unions and internet safety experts to find ...
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7 mins New Powers to Discipline
Mike Baker delves into the sensitive issue of discipline in schools, currently a hot topic after the coalition government promised to give teachers extra powers to ensure good behaviour.
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7 mins Free Schools
Mike Baker examines the role free schools will play in the coalition government's education policy in this Need to Know video.
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7 mins Pay and Pensions
Mike Baker looks at how the government's 2010 Budget will affect the teaching profession's pay and pension schemes.
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7 mins The Budget and School Funding
A look at what the coalition government's 2010 Budget means for education, including the pupil premium and how it could affect schools.
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10 mins Secondary Curriculum Changes
Mike Baker investigates the coalition government's policy on streamlining the National Curriculum, and what this means for secondary schools.
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10 mins Primary Curriculum Changes
A look at the coalition government's policy on the National Curriculum, and the decision to abandon Labour's primary curriculum reforms, following the Rose Review.
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10 mins Coalition Plans for Education
Mike Baker reports on the new developments in education since the formation of the coalition government, and how these will affect teachers.
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10 mins The New Academies
Mike Baker looks at the government policy on academies, and the advantages and disadvantages schools face in securing academy status.
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