Action! Teacher Video - UK/India

Fascinating videos made by teachers from four schools in India and the UK which showcase examples of their classroom practice. The series is part of a British Council project to share practice and enrich the curriculum through international connections.

There are 8 videos in this series.

15 mins Indian Influences: Yoga
A visit to India inspires two primary teachers from Leeds to start yoga clubs in their school in order to improve concentration and promote a calmer atmosphere.
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15 mins A Box for India
Two teachers assess their pupils' attitude to other cultures as they take part in the Brilliant Box Project!
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15 mins Green School in India
Students in India are developing an eco-friendly mosquito repellent, and are capturing the process captured with their own video.
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15 mins Indian Journey
Returning from a trip to India, Joanna Gilbert uses images to explore community cohesion with her gifted and talented pupils, and records her findings on her own video.
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15 mins Puppet Play in India
English teacher Uma Kala enlists the help of her art teacher husband Chittermani Kala to introduce puppets into her teaching at JNV Mungeshpur School near Delhi and records the process on video.
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15 mins A Box for the UK
Primary children in India learn about the UK through exchanging a box of objects with a school in Manchester as part of the Brilliant Box Project.
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15 mins A Guest from India
As they embark on their India project, teachers from Braunton Secondary School in Devon use video to record their pupils' initial ideas.
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15 mins Carbon Footprints in India
This programme showcases a student-made video from Springdales School in Delhi, where the pupils have been measuring carbon footprints and taking action to reduce global warming in their school.
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