Animated Tales of the World

Some of the world's best animations help to convey universal issues in creative and thought-provoking ways.

There are 13 videos in this series.

15 mins Timoon and the Narwhal
A short animation featuring an Eskimo boy who tries to help his lost and lonely aunt.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Tyrant and the Child
A short animation from an African story, featuring a tyrannical king who treats the residents of his village cruelly. When he tries to slaughter all the elderly folk, one boy, Raogo, devises a plan to overthrow him.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
A short animation of a story from Denmark, exploring the idea of forbidden love by showing what happens when toys and ornaments come to life.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Enchanted Lion
An animated tale from Germany about Hans, a man who is cursed by Gretta, a woman he rejected. Hans is destined to turn into a lion during daylight hours, until one day, the spell is broken by true love.
No Subtitles
15 mins Persephone
Winter, true love and a mothers mourning are explored in this animation about the Greek Gods.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Crown and the Sceptre
A short animated story from Arabia, telling of good fortune and greed.
No Subtitles
15 mins King Solomon and the Bee
This animation of a story from Israel tells of King Solomon, who is widely known for his wisdom.
No Subtitles
15 mins A Shepherd Boy Tumur
This animation tells the Mongolian story of a shepherd boy, Tumur, and how he became the next Khan of the Kingdom.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Flower of Fern
In this animated story from Poland, a family lose their son, Pavel, to the powers of a magical flower when he falls for the riches it offers him.
No Subtitles
15 mins The Story of Redhill
This animated story from Singapore tells the tale of Nadim and his grandmother, who save their village from the garfish.
No Subtitles
15 mins How Tortoise Won Respect
This animated story from South Africa, follows some animals playing with a forbidden branch in paradise, only for it to turn into a monster.
No Subtitles
15 mins John Henry: The Steel Driving Man
This animated story from the USA follows John Henry, a worker on the railroads, who challenges a new digging machine to a test of strength and endurance.
No Subtitles
15 mins Bad Baby Amy
A short animation following the reversal in fortunes of an Australian farming family, when rain eventually arrives after a seven year drought.
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