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Becoming an Academy

Following the progress of two outstanding schools who have gone through the process of becoming one of the new style of academies, through video diaries that monitor and reveal how staff, leaders and pupils are coping with the changes.

There are 6 videos in this series.

3 mins South Farnham - The Next Chapter
Governors from outstanding primary school South Farnham talk about their journey in becoming an academy as they merge with a local infants school.
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3 mins Westlands - The Next Chapter
The Westlands Academy Trust reveals life since its transformation to an academy on 1 September 2010, focusing on its relationship with its federated primary school and how this is developing.
No Subtitles
8 mins Westlands' First Steps
An outstanding secondary school begins its transition to a new style academy, with staff and headteacher outlining the process and sharing their experiences of their first month as an academy.
No Subtitles
3 mins Catching up with Westlands
The Westlands Academy Trust officially opened on 1 September 2010 and this video diary provides an update on their progress since then.
No Subtitles
8 mins South Farnham's First Steps
An outstanding primary school begins the transition to being a new style academy, with the headteacher sharing his experiences, and outlining his concerns as well as what he sees as the advantages of academy status.
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3 mins Catching up with South Farnham
A primary school debates the merits and affects of becoming an academy.
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