Bodyscapes explores the human body and world around us in microscopic detail, using clever imaging techniques that offer fascinating close ups and scientific insight.

There are 14 videos in this series.

3 mins Close Shave
The biology of body hair and its removal are explored.
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3 mins Lash
Discover the science behind eye colour, the function of eyelashes and what happens when mascara is applied.
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3 mins Cold Sweat
Discover the science behind sweat, and take a close look at the human body's reaction to sweating.
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3 mins Tongue
The tongue is a muscle and one that we use for many things, such as talking, eating and tasting.
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3 mins Inner Sole
The bacteria and dead skin cells inside the fabric of a running shoe, are explored using advanced imaging techniques.
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3 mins Scratch
Bodyscapes investigates how blood heals wounds in the human body.
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3 mins Nerve
The workings of the nervous system are explored with microscopic technology.
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3 mins The Piercing Truth
An exploration of the health hazards surrounding body piercing.
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3 mins Close Contact
Bodyscapes investigates the invention of contact lenses.
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3 mins Hearing
An insight into the workings of the human ear and hearing.
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3 mins Bone
A look at the bones that make up a human skeleton.
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3 mins Sneeze
A look at the human nose and the causes of sneezing.
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3 mins Voice
A short video looking at the science behind how humans create sounds.
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3 mins Muscle
Muscles are the focus of this short video looking at the science behind how the human body works.
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