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The latest developments in employment within education. Areas include what kind of pension can you expect, how can you breathe new life into your career, and what's new in CPD.

There are 20 videos in this series.

15 mins Workforce Remodelling
The new series of CareerWise begins with a lively snapshot of the issues around remodelling and is hosted by presenter Peter Curran.
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15 mins Black and Minority Ethnic Teachers
Why are there so few senior teachers and heads from ethnic minorities? Peter Curran investigates by talking to Shiraz Chakera about the General Teaching Council's (GTC) Achieve Network, which aims to promote racial equality and diversity in schools.
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15 mins Pensions
In this episode of Careerwise, we focus on the issue of money.
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15 mins Returners
Unlike many other professions, teaching is a job that can be returned to at any point in an individual's career.
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15 mins Employment for NQTs
This week, practical advice aimed at NQTs on how to get your foot onto the first rung of the career ladder. There's also useful information for any teacher about to fill in a job application form.
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15 mins Headteachers
In this programme, TES journalist Fiona Flynn discovers how Headteacher of the Year, Richard Wallis, manages the challenges of leading Sandwich Technology College in Kent.
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15 mins Career Rejuvenation
This programme is all about career rejuvenation and looks at why so many teachers consider throwing in the towel after four or five years.
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15 mins Male Teachers at Primary
This episode of Careerwise focuses on male primary school teachers. Why are they in such short supply? What does this shortage mean for the profession? And what can be done to resolve the problem?
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15 mins New Pay Scale
The introduction of a new pay restructuring scheme is still sending tremors through the world of education.
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15 mins Every Child Matters
This CareerWise programme explores what the Every Child Matters framework means for teachers.
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15 mins New 14-19 Curriculum
In this programme, we take an in-depth look at what the future could hold in store for vocational courses.
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15 mins Mentoring and CPD
In this episode of Careerwise, we take a look at the mentoring and coaching of teachers by teachers. Is it a useful initiative or just training on the cheap?
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15 mins Disability Equality Duty
Peter Curran explores the Disability Equality Duty, providing an insight into the provisions made for teachers with disabilities.
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15 mins Performance Management
This episode of Careerwise explores the new model of performance management and appraisals, with debate and discussion from a number of high profile educationalists.
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15 mins Alternative Career Routes
Find out about alternative career routes in the teaching profession as a number of teachers looking to progress in their careers discuss the schemes available.
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15 mins Career Refreshment
Explore a number of different career refreshment opportunities as three teachers discuss the breaks they took from their day-to-day roles.
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15 mins Control Your Professional Development
This programme takes a look at how teachers can decide the direction of their own careers, right from the outset.
15 mins Gifted and Talented Coordinator
This episode of Careerwise looks at the gifted and talented programme, exploring what the role of the gifted and talented coordinator is and what it can bring to a career.
15 mins Management or Classroom?
This programme looks how teachers can move up in the career ladder, be it through management or in the classroom.
15 mins Trust and Foundation Schools
What is a foundation school? How is it different? This programme answers these questions and explores what the new trust school programme might bring to education.

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