Changing World

With global warming an ever increasing concern, Changing World looks at our planet and asks questions about the changes taking place, from earthquakes, changing landscapes and the atmosphere.

There are 10 videos in this series.

5 mins Air to Breathe
A short video exploring the atmosphere, and the threat it faces from climate change and global warming.
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5 mins Cold As Ice
A look at what is causing the ice melt from the poles.
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5 mins Water of Life
A short video exploring the oceans of the world, their different behaviour and how a better understanding of them can be gained through studying climate change.
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5 mins Changing Landscapes
An exploration into how climate change is affecting the shape of the coastlines around the world.
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5 mins Earthquake
An insight into earthquakes, what causes them and how they affect the lives of people.
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5 mins Volcano
A short video exploring the devastating effects of volcanoes and an understanding of their inner workings.
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5 mins Ancient Apocalypse
A short video exploring what can be learnt from the experiences of previous civilizations.
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5 mins Living World
A short video exploring the work being done to save endangered species.
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5 mins Here Comes the Sun
An exploration of the sun, and its life expectancy.
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5 mins Humanity
A look at strategies for feeding the ever growing human race, and tackling pandemics that threaten humanity.
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