Climate Challenge

Explore the hot topic of climate change across the world, and learn how other countries are striving to combat the growing problem, using strategies including offsetting carbon emissions and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

There are 6 videos in this series.

25 mins Putting the Carbon Genie Back
An investigation into the transporting and storing of CO2, as well as its alternative uses.
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25 mins Market for the World
Discover how trading carbon permits and using biofuels are linked with efforts to combat climate change.
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25 mins Money on Trees
A documentary-style look at how deforestation is affecting climate change, and what is being done to reduce its impact, including efforts in China and Brazil.
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25 mins The Home Front
An exploration of new initiatives to stop global warming from residents of the UK, Cambodia, China, and India.
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25 mins Doing the Business
A look at how sustainable energy need not hamper economic development in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Bangladesh.
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25 mins Bright Ideas
Discovering new ideas involving biomass and solar power, cut fossil fuel use in the UK, Bangladesh and Malawi are explored.
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