Culture Fix

A comprehensive and wide-ranging series for secondary students looking at different aspect of culture, including the first world war poets, car design, and digital art.

There are 15 videos in this series.

10 mins First World War Poets
A short video for use in secondary English lessons examining the work of first world war poets.
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10 mins Science Fiction
The history and impact of the science fiction genre is examined in this short video for secondary English pupils.
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10 mins Detective Fiction
Interviews with some of the best known writers in the detective genre of fiction are used to assess its history and impact in this short video for secondary English pupils.
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10 mins Kitsch
Collectors and artists talk about the appeal of kitsch art and objects.
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10 mins Car Design
The history of car design is explored with a look at some of the most popular models over the years.
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10 mins Post Modernism
An exploration of the history of post-modernism through visual arts, philosophy, literature and architecture.
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10 mins The Portrait
An exploration of the history of portraits.
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10 mins Digital Art
A look into the new medium of digital art, including the very first digital artwork created in a science lab in the USA.
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10 mins Religious Architecture
A guide to the religious architecture found in some of England’s most famous cathedrals.
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10 mins Street Culture
A look at the music and art stemming from street culture in the UK and the USA.
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10 mins Carnival Culture
A look at carnivals from around the world including footage from the celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, Notting Hill and Venice.
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10 mins Travel Writing
Four popular travel writers discuss their travels and their experiences of writing.
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10 mins Minimalism
A look at the minimalist movement which started in New York during the swinging 60s.
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10 mins Existentialism
A journalist, a lecturer and a philosopher discuss the theories of existentialism and the works of some of the leaders of the existentialist movement.
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10 mins Skyscrapers
The rise in popularity of the skyscraper in architecture during the 20th century, and the future of skyscrapers, are explored.
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