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Disability Equality

Find out what schools need to do under disability equality laws in this series which clearly lays out schools' obligations, and offers advice and ideas for helping disabled pupils in school, from mobility and PE to beating bullying.

There are 5 videos in this series.

3 mins Disability Equality - An Overview
An SEN adviser with National Strategies explains the three main duties required by schools to meet the disability equality laws.
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3 mins Disability Equality - Inclusion in PE
Discussing the importance of inclusion for disabled pupils in relation to sports lessons at secondary school.
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3 mins Disability Equality - Dealing with Bullying
A look at how pupils with disabilities are often victims of bullying and the approach one school has adopted to tackle the problem.
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3 mins Disability Equality - Mobility
A disabled secondary student gives a tour of his school, highlighting the special adjustments that enable him to get around in a wheelchair.
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3 mins Disability Equality - Non-Physical Disability
Discover how one school has been commended for its approach to special needs, including non-physical disabilities.
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