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From multi-sensory approaches to classroom layout, find out some simple and effective ideas to support pupils with dyslexia

There are 4 videos in this series.

5 mins Classroom Layout and Resources
Find out how a primary school has tailored classroom layouts, resources and lesson activities to help pupils with dyslexia with their learning.
No Subtitles
5 mins Raising Self-Esteem
Pupils with dyslexia can often suffer from low self-esteem, which can affect their learning. At Southfield Primary School, staff demonstrate their whole-school approach to giving pupils the confidence to succeed.
No Subtitles
5 mins A Multi-Sensory Approach to Sequencing
A secondary school shows how it helps students with dyslexia order their thoughs by a using process called sequencing.
No Subtitles
5 mins Alternative Methods of Recording
A secondary school shows its creative solutions to making sure students with dyslexia have understood lessons, including demonstrating their learning through drama, animation and audio recordings.
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