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Ease the Load

Real-life examples of how to manage your workload efficiently and productively, while improving your work/life balance.

There are 27 videos in this series, of which the following 26 are currently available to view online.

15 mins We Have the Technology
Keeping an eye on technological advances is one of the most useful ways of making life easier for teachers. We highlight three of them in this programme.
No Subtitles
15 mins School to School
Networking between schools is the way forward when it comes to finding methods for saving time and effort for teachers. This programme looks at three schemes where schools are already well on the way to achieving a fruitful collaboration.
No Subtitles
15 mins You Take Care
Taking care of oneself is an important part of staying on top of workloads, but not everyone can find the time or energy to do it.
No Subtitles
15 mins Parent Partners
Building relationships with parents can bring a welcome relief for teachers. At High Clarence Primary School in Middlesbrough, parental involvement relieves teachers and simultaneously provides the "hands" that are needed to run clubs.
15 mins How Good Was That?
This programme focuses on ways to help with report writing, assessment and examination duties.
No Subtitles
15 mins All Together Now
Relationships matter and can make the difference between a good day in school and a bad one.
15 mins Start the Year Here
The magazine series helping you to manage your workload and improve your work life balance. In the first of a new series, this programme is about the opportunities a new year offers for implementing changes to ease your teaching load.
15 mins The Three Cs
Like 'The Three Rs' these 'Three Cs' are an important part of school life.
No Subtitles
15 mins This Time It's Personal
This episode of Ease The Load looks at how three schools have improved behaviour, tackled drugs and provided emotional support for both teachers and pupils.
No Subtitles
15 mins It's About Time
This programme looks at three schools that have implemented innovative time-saving ideas to make life easier for their staff.
15 mins Mind, Body and Soul
Getting to know the children you teach offers huge advantages in the long term.
15 mins Finding Time to Walk the Dog
Ease The Load has recruited top life coach Gladeana McMahon to offer one of our viewers some much needed advice on time management.
15 mins No Time to Play My Viola
This programme is subtitled.
15 mins My Singing and Dancing Time Gets Squeezed Out
Fiona-Jane Lambe is a natural performer. In her previous life, as well as running a small business teaching children dance and drama, she wrote and performed her own plays.
15 mins A Challenging Career Change
According to former customs officer Stuart Reilly, dealing with drug smugglers and bootleggers was often easier than coping with a class of Year 8 students!
No Subtitles
15 mins No Time to Spend with My Partner
Kate Lydiatt is a self-confessed perfectionist. She is also a fast track NQT, who wants to spend more time with her partner, and needs to decorate her new house!
No Subtitles
15 mins I Don't Want to Work Through Breaks
It's always important to keep your work/life balance in check, especially when you have five children and a busy job!
No Subtitles
15 mins Calm Exterior, Stressed Interior
Life coach Gladeana McMahon visits Martin Forryan, school facilities coordinator at Bradstow Special School in Broadstairs, to offer advice on his work/life balance.
No Subtitles
15 mins I'm a Full-Time Part-Timer
Life coach Gladeana McMahon has a real challenge on her hands when she comes to the aid of teacher Nicola McGee, who spends 45 hours a week on her part-time job.
No Subtitles
15 mins New Job, New Baby, New Pressure
Life coach Gladeana McMahon is called upon to help Robin Bishop, a thirty-something new to teaching, marriage and fatherhood.
No Subtitles
15 mins I've Been a Head for Five Years- What's Next?
Steve Boyce, headteacher of five years at Fosse Primary School in Leicester, meets with life coach Gladeana McMahon to discuss the pressures of his role.
No Subtitles
30 mins My Planning Rules My Life
In this programme, life coach Gladeana McMahon comes to the aid of a teacher who puts so much time into planning lessons that she has no time left for a personal life.
30 mins I'm an Over-Busy Business Manager
Life coach Gladeana McMahon helps a business manager at a secondary school deal with his ever-expanding workload.
30 mins I'm Tired of 12-Hour Days
Sarah Burgess faces the challenge of taking up her first deputy headship post at St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School in Blackpool.
30 mins I Want to be a Better Leader
Brendon Coyle has been assistant head at St Joseph's RC High School in Heywood for the past two years. He loves his job but isn't convinced that he uses his time as effectively as he could.
30 mins Bringing a Management Team Together
Life coach Gladeana MacMahon is called to Bowker Vale Primary in Manchester to help the school's leadership team work together efficiently and implement a new government initiative.

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